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Melinda Vail's new book for kids and adults:

If You Could See Inside of Me

A book in verse with “doodles by McKennan Gillette,” talks straight from the heart to every kid who knows what it feels like to be considered a misfit and to suffer the consequences. Bullying often leads indelible scars that travel into a person’s adult life, haunting them thereafter, unless they’re fortunate enough to find a therapist like Melinda who can help them release those “not good enough” feelings.

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....I have published five books with Dandelion Books and I am delighted with their professionalism, attention to detail and willingness to work with authors. Carol Adler, the publisher, is a very easy person to work with. Dandelion also uses cutting edge technology to present authors’ works as e-books and is currently ramping up to a whole new set of e-book formats and outlets."  
-Tony Stubbs, Author, Book Production Expert, Radio Show Host

                       Age of Fools, by  William A. Cook

People are hungry for The Truth—information that may not be available anywhere else.

Part of the truth-seeking process is a hunger to know the story behind the story. 

The other part is access & availability.  

Here's where Dandelion comes in.

We are the gateway to getting the word out.

Break away from wholesale conformity... Break the rules... Push the envelope... Turn people on...

Dandelions grow wild and so do we. We invite you to join our community of impassioned readers and writers.

Dandelion’s titles serve the need-to-know and need-to-grow.

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