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JUST RELEASED ... An Everyday Guide to Joy & Abundance ...

Beth Wonson and Dr. Mary Kay Stenger, two highly accomplished professionals, have teamed together to write an extraordinary book that tells the story of Beth’s personal story of healing and transformation.

Today Beth is one of the country’s most sought-after coaches and trainers in the fields of career management and personal growth. 

Beth’s transformation was magical and so was the healing process, thanks to Dr. Stenger’s expert techniques.

The book consists of a narrative that alternates between the two women’s voices.

With openness and candor, Beth tells a portion of her story and Dr. Stenger offers commentary accompanied by a number of exercises used during her sessions with Beth.

AUTOGRAPHED COPIES... The Ho Chi Minh Guerilla Warfare Handbook: A Strategic Guide for Innovation Management, by David Yurth...

     $55.00(incl. S & H)

The right to control global social, economic and political engineering is the battlefield on which today’s most important wars are being fought.

According to scientist, inventor, writer and entrepreneur David Yurth, author of The H  Chi Minh Guerilla Warfare Handbook: A Strategic Guide for Innovation Management, we already have the technologies and means for solving all of the major problems confronting Planet Earth in the 21st century.

These include: converting sea water to fresh water without burning fuels or creating pollution; providing virtually infinite power without burning any fuels at all; erasing CO2 as an exhaust gas at the source; remediating radioactive emissions from spent nuclear fuels; eliminating virally-caused cancers and other biocidic pathogens without surgery; radiation or pharmaceutical interventions; and growing organic, non-GMO food without the use of herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

“So if we know how to solve these problems,” asks Yurth, “why haven’t we done it? What stands between the problem and the solution?

...An excellent guide for every entrepreneur who is faced with managing and deploying potentially disruptive technologies....

You will want to own an autographed copy of The Ho Chi Minh Guerilla Handbook, by David Yurth.

The Anthropos Files -Tales of Quantum Physics from Another World

by David G. Yurth

A story that has never been told before... The Anthropos Files reveals for the first time ever, information about seven new sciences, 27 new technologies and 130 previously unknown materials that were developed in secret in the I.N. Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science (I.P.M.S.) between 1951 - 1991 in the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.).

The models of quantum mechanics, plasma physics, atomic engineering, nuclear physics and related mathematical and theoretical constructs that made their development possible are so unique, they challenge the validity of the most fundamental assumptions embodied in the Copenhagen Interpretation model currently held in general acceptance in the West. 


Remediating Radioactive Fuel Waste

by David G. Yurth

"Five years after an accident at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan, some scientists continue to find found small amounts of radioactive material along the West Coast of North America.

"And some of them say we should expect to see this in the ocean for decades to come. Elevated levels found off the coast of Japan show that the situation is not yet under control, and that the facility is still leaking radiation." - CNBC, 03/10/2016

In this document that includes a simple explanation, diagrams and photographs, Nova Institute of Technology's Chief Inventor and COO David G. Yurth presents a new technology for successfully remediating radioactive fuel waste.


Technology Solutions for Emissions Produced by
Marine Diesel & Bunker Fuel Systems

by David G. Yurth

While it is not within the scope of this initiative to alter the regulatory environment at OMI, which has been tasked by the United Nations with controlling such things, nevertheless an integrated system of technologies has been assembled to address the primary concerns.

 The integrated system consists of the following elements:

       DynoValve Pro Marine System

       DynoFlo HHO Fuel Combustion Enhancement System

       Electromagnetic Fuel Oil Conditioning System

       Corona Discharge Plasma Gas Dissociation System

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                       Age of Fools, by  William A. Cook

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