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America Speaks Out...

For over two hundred years, Western nations have been living on the heritage of the eighteenth century Enlightenment. Our American Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights were created by this revolutionary social and political movement, which attacked unjust laws and repressive customs.

These founding documents of our country only provided a framework for such principles as representative democracy, justice, and equality.

But from the beginning America has been a plutocracy, rule of the wealthy. Any freedoms Americans enjoy today have had to be fought for and wrested from the moneyed rulers who have tried to make this country a dictatorship.

The hard-won freedoms Americans enjoy must not be taken for granted because they are perpetually under attack, as are the Enlightenment principles that gave them birth.

Today in the United States, an affluent group has seized the reins of power and is systematically attacking American democracy and the Bill of Rights, stealing billions of dollars from hard-working Americans, deliberately destroying our way of life and the environment.

To rescue America from its would-be destroyers, we must institute a program of social and spiritual renaissance, a New Enlightenment, because our social, psychological, and spiritual predicament is not one of total collapse but of numbness and delusion. In short, we need awakening, awareness, enlightenment.

                                               -Norman D. Livergood

Age of Fools, by William A. Cook… “From the opening volley of Neo-Con unelected, self-appointed manifestos to take control, to the lies they told the American people through their representatives, to the failure to seek the truth about what took place on 9/11, I have witnessed a cold-blooded group of arrogant men systematically emasculate the rights of the American citizen. What America was in its birthing, it is no longer.”Labeling this era “Age of Fools” in the tradition of 15th century Sebastian Brant’s “Ship of Fools” and embellishing his work with artwork by Edward Beardsley, Cook writes: “How ironic that the self-proclaimed righteous, the born again Christian Zionists and the Jewish Zionists wheedle their way into their respective governments, preaching the Devil’s agenda, using superstition, deception and hypocrisy.” (ISBN 978-0-9862683-4-2) $US28.95, $CAN38.00

Realizing a New Culture, Realizing a New America and a New World, by Norman Livergood & Michelle Mairesse… “Worldwide, thinking people are faced with the terror of the demonic cabal controlling
America and the world. This cabal has corrupted and contaminated the old culture to the point that if we locate our primary being in that culture we'll become as insane and corrupt as they. We have no
other recourse than to realize a new culture composed of new physical, psychological, and metaphysical principles and structures.” (ISBN 978-0-9789611-5-2)

Overthrow of the American Republic – The Writings of Sherman H. Skolnick, by Sherman H. Skolnick… Known as “America’s leading judge-buster,” the late Sherman H. Skolnick was one of America’s most
courageous and outrageous journalists. This collection of his internet writings also includes 24 articles that were never published on his website. Overthrow, which contains over 80 Skolnick articles, is a complement to Skolnick’s Ahead of the Parade, published by Dandelion Books in 2003. (ISBN 1-893302-22-9)

Ahead Of The Parade: A Who’s Who Of Treason and High Crimes – Exclusive Details Of Fraud And Corruption Of The Monopoly Press, The Banks, The Bench And The Bar, And The Secret Political Police, by Sherman H. Skolnick… One of America’s foremost investigative reporters, speaks out on some of America’s current crises. Included in this blockbuster book are the following articles: Big City
Newspapers & the Mob, The Sucker Traps, Dirty Tricks of Finance and Brokerage, The Secret History of Airplane Sabotage, Wal-Mart and the Red Chinese Secret Police, The Chandra Levy Affair, The
Japanese Mafia in the United States, The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh, and much more. (ISBN 1-893302-32-6)

Tracking Deception: Bush Mid-East Policy, by William A. Cook… “Bill Cook writes with vivid urgency as he excavates the Augean muck of the Bush years, subjecting the president and his gang to an excruciatingly tight close-up, where every flaw, every imperfection, every touch-up is exposed to all who dare to look.”—Alex Cockburn, Counterpunch Editor-in-Chief [from the Introduction] (ISBN 1-893302-83-0) $22.95 + S & H

America Speaks Out: Collected Essays From Dissident Writers John H. Brand, Meria Heller, John Kaminski, Norman D. Livergood, Wayne Madsen, Kurt Nimmo, Albert D. Pastore, Michael E. Salla, Sherman H. Skolnick & John Stanton… A collection of essays extracted from works recently published by Dandelion Books. (ISBN 1-893302-63-6)

Stranger than Fiction: An Independent Investigation Of The True Culprits Behind 9-11, by Albert D. Pastore, Ph.D… Twelve months of careful study, painstaking research, detailed analysis, source verification and logical deduction went into the writing of this book. In addition to the stories are approximately 300 detailed footnotes. Pastore: “Only by sifting through huge amounts of news data on a daily basis was I able to catch many of these rare ‘diamonds in the rough’ and organize them into
a coherent pattern and logical argument.” (ISBN 1-893302-47-4) – $17.95 + S & H

America, Awake! We Must Take Back Our Country, by Norman D. Livergood… This book is intended as a wake-up call for Americans, as Paul Revere awakened the Lexington patriots to the British attack on April 18, 1775, and as Thomas Paine's Common Sense roused apathetic American colonists to recognize and struggle against British oppression. Our current situation is similar to that which American patriots faced in the 1770s: a country ruled by ‘foreign’ and ‘domestic’ plutocratic powers
and a divided citizenry uncertain of their vital interests. (ISBN 1-893302-27-X) $18.95 + S & H

The New Commonwealth, by Norman Livergood, a novella by Norman D. Livergood, is Plato Revisited in the 21st century as an ideal form of society that Livergood believes is a conscious solution to 21st century's failed experiments. (ISBN 978-1-934280-92-8)

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