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Slouching Past Bethlehem: Gissalayne Chondroitin, Ph.D times 5 in jobless academic disciplines, Associate Director of Hook, Line & Sinker, LLC, an employment agency in Rochester, New  York, “We give you the rod, you hook the fish,” has one agenda: find a man, fast.

But not any man; the internet match websites has already led her down the disaster trail too many times.

Magically—or maybe not--on New Years Day of YK24 (2004) Jonas Foreplay sits down in the empty plastic seat next to her at the SeaTac airport on her way home from her most recent failure.

In this fast-reading novel, Adler neatly hides the truth of what’s really happening right in your own back yard. (ISBN 978-1-934280-63-8) $14.95 + S & H

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The Extinctive Life: Is the extinctive life worth living? CoCo Bernstein ponders between orgasms throughout this naughty little book by Carol Adler.

Unlike Plato and other philosophers of the past, however, who would probably make a big deal out of a question like that, CoCo really couldn’t care less or even more, for that matter.

It is simply a statement that any person, male or female would make at any age when life itself has failed to produce anything but surprises, day in and day out, especially when most of us except maybe a few diehards, end up creating our own reality. (ISBN 978-0-9789611-7-6)

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 Naked in Daylight

Shaelot (Questions)

Writers, Authors & Dreamweavers: I Heard Your Call For

Enjoy an Excerpt from Writers, Authors & Dreamweavers: I Heard Your Call For Help!

Enjoy an Excerpt of Naked in Daylight


"Carol, your poems are magnificent. They are most thought-provoking and require time to read.

Your life experiences provide insights and wisdom that is the property of very few people."   
                                            -John H. Brand, D.Min., J.D., Author

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