21st Century Publishing Comes in Many Flavors

21st century publishing is a many-flavored “ice-cream parlor” where you can sit down and be served (traditional publishing), drive-thru for a fast pick-up (budget online self-publishing) or create your own quality combo (co-publishing, using digital production and delivery technologies).

These selections can be boggling to a newbie, and even experienced professionals with several books already in the marketplace are keenly aware that they need to check the industry board regularly in order to keep up with the latest and greatest production and promotion technologies.

Only a year ago, who would have thought, for example, that ebook sales could ever soar to the top of the Richter scale and start to compete with hard copy products?

Thanks to more the many new exciting ebook reading devices, with Amazon Kindle and the Sony Reader leading the pack—the publishing industry is speeding down a super highway in a different direction--and that highway is lined with trees that will not be cut down to make books.

Become an expert ‘5-W’ researcher

It’s a great idea to learn everything you can about the 5 W’s—“Who, what, where, when & why,” + ‘H’ for “How” before you set out on that publishing super highway.

Here’s a check list for hard copy and ebooks and articles:


  • Study the book industry. Learn everything there is to know about
  • publishing.
  • Research industries related to book
  • publishing (audio books, ebooks, films, etc.).
  • Develop a clear picture of the method you wish to use for
  • publishing your books and articles.
  • Visit many publishing websites.
  • Become familiar with book industry associations (Literary
  • Marketplace, Publishers Marketing Association, etc.).
  • Join writing and publishing forums.
  • Learn how to write a book proposal.
  • Learn how to develop a media kit.
  • Interview authors to learn how they publish.
  • Interview literary agents.
  • Interview publishers and editors.
  • Be sure to check out Write to Publish for Profit--
  • all the links, including blog articles.
  • Feel free to contact me with your questions and concerns.
  • Articles

  • Submit your articles wherever the guidelines fit your work.
  • Add the titles of your published pieces to your resume.
  • Post articles freely on appropriate websites.
  • Volunteer to be a regular web columnist.
  • Start a blog.
  • Podcast and post.
  • Collect your articles and publish them as a book.
  • Stay current with free lance writing classifieds.
  • Develop a fee structure sheet; send it when requested.
  • Write for off-line media whenever possible.
  • Learn how to write publicity, advertising and
  • marketing copy.

    Check out all the great links and blogs for book writing, publishing, marketing & promotion at Write to Publish for Profit.

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