Death and Dying - A Play with More Than One Act?

Death and Dying continues to be a major subject of debate among those who have been brought up either to fear “what happens next,” or to believe that “this life here and now is all there is.”

In his latest book, Death without Fear: Comfort for Those Facing Death or Bereavement Stubbs reassures us to: “forget the Grim Reaper; open up to the wildest ride of your life as you cross the final frontier. Hear first-hand accounts, told through mediums, of what it’s like to die, what the afterlife is like, and what people do on the other side.

“Fluffy clouds and harps? No, on the other side, you learn, grow, play and enjoy freedoms and love you can’t begin to imagine on this side.

Contrary to what organized religion tells us, you are whole, youthful, eternal and very playful, not somber and serious.

“Ignorance about the afterlife leads to fear. This book dispels both--a “must-read” for anyone in a physical body who will one day face death, whether yours or that of a loved one.”

Read an excerpt from Death without Fear.

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So you still want proof?

Stubbs is more than willing to provide proof about the death and dying from those who have “passed over” and report back from “the other side.”

He has just finished compiling an amazing work that Dandelion is now offering as an ebook download, titled The Other Side: Wisdom about the Other Side from those already on the other side.

In the Introduction, Stubbs writes: "Death is a graduation.

It simply means you have done all you planned to do before you incarnated, and there’s no more point in hanging out on the Earth plane.

You no longer need a physical body as a focal point for your spirit… so you leave.

Graduation ceremonies are joyful occasions, so we should be happy for those who “die,” for they no longer have to suffer the physical plane’s limitations. They are FREE and having a blast."

Read an excerpt from The Other Side

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