Ebook Publishing Package from Dandelion

Dandelion's Ebook publishing package helps you create your road map and drive your project successfully to its destination.

Included in the package are:

  • Development information--writing tips and techniques; coaching,
  • ghostwriting, book doctoring, editing, etc.
  • Formatting options
  • Conversion choices (it is good to consider all types of conversion)
  • Distribution choices
  • Marketing information (mentoring, masterminding, contracting
  • with a reliable marketing company)
  • Do-it-yourself plans
  • The key to success is intention. An author or entrepreneur must have a clear picture of why they wrote their ebook, the message they want to deliver to the reader and the “take-away”--what they want the reader to remember or take away with them.

    The arrival of digital technologies and the internet has given every aspiring writer an opportunity to have their works published.

    This new delivery method has also given birth to the ebook—and heavy competition for readers and buyers. Writers and journalists are rapidly discovering that the art, craft and business of writing are equally important in the writing, publishing and promotion process. They are also learning that each of us is “master of our own destiny.”

    In earlier times, the publisher was a nurturing parent who did everything from book doctoring and/or re-writing a promising author’s book to planning and sponsoring the marketing and media campaigns.

    Today, authors are rapidly learning that they either have to scrub their own floors or pay the consequences of remaining hidden from the public.

    This is not as ugly as it seems, however—and many have come to believe that perhaps that’s the way it should have been from the start.

    It is the author, not the publisher, who is most familiar with a book’s content.

    They are they ones who will know exactly who will place the highest value on their work and consequently, who will buy their book.

    Dandelion’s ebook publishing information

    Dandelion’s ebook development package allows freedom to choose from a number of options, based on:

  • The client’s business goals
  • The ebook’s contents
  • Identified market
  • Online retailers for ebook downloading
  • The client’s budget
  • This results-based package includes free consultation with our team of writing, editing, IT and online marketing experts.

    To contact us directly about our ebook publishing package, email us.

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