Ebooks are Hot!

We saw them coming… and now they’re here!

Ebooks are:

  • Portable and readable on ebook reading devices,
  • smart phones,PDAs and laptops
  • Many can be printed out if you do prefer a paper version
  • Available on ebook reading devices whose patented screen
  • technology is easy on the eyes
  • Efficient… imagine carrying around in your purse or
  • briefcase a library of over 100,000 books!

    Set up your Amazon Kindle Ebooks
    through Dandelion Books!

    Send us your hard copy book files (text only manuscripts) and we will set them up FREE on Amazon Kindle!

    Send us your unpublished works

    We will publish them as ebooks on Kindle, mobipocket.com, fictionwise.com and also set them up for distribution as a Glassbook through Ingram Digital Group.*

    *If you are interested in having your hard copy published or unpublished manuscripts set up on other ebook platforms, fees apply for:

  • New manuscript registrations.
  • Mobipocket.com and fictionwise.com
  • conversions.
  • Editing and proofing, if needed.
  • Questions?

    If you have any questions about ebooks, ebooks conversions and setups and ebook marketing and promotion, Email us.

    Tips on how to write an ebook that sells!

    Are you looking for places to sell your writing?

    For affordable ebook covers, click here!

    Carol Adler's new ebook, Write to Publsh for Profit

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