Enlightened Parenting - What Every Child Wishes For & What Every Parent Wants to Give

Enlightened Parenting, by Ronna McEldowney, is a refreshing and practical instruction manual for parents, teachers and caregivers.

It reminds us that parenting, like life, is an adventure that requires planning and organization while operating within the rules and guidelines of nature.

Ronna McEldowney clearly and effectively communicates the importance of self realization by developing and nourishing our own souls in order for us to become effective role models and parents for our children.

“Every once in a great while we are touched by a spring breeze truly bringing hope, joy and some good old fashioned common sense to the world of parenting and caregiving where peaceful resolution of family issues is truly a win/win for all involved.

"Enlightened Parenting is an oasis of knowledge and experience, providing fresh vision to one of life's most challenging and rewarding experiences.”

--Robert J. O'Connor, PhD., CHt
Family Counselor for 40+ years

Enjoy an Excerpt of Enlightened Parenting

Enjoy Enlightened Parenting as an ebook and purchase the hard copy book from Amazon as soon as it is available!

“Ronna McEldowney's practical approaches will enhance the ability of parents to help their children become caring, loving, sharing mature adults. This is one book every single parent not only needs, but they will also surely appreciate all of Ronna’s expertise, experience and sharing.”

-- Doris Rapp, MD, Author of
Is This Your Child's World? &
Our Toxic World, A Wake Up Call

"Ronna’s years of experience and practical wisdom shine through in a way that engages both parents and teachers. I will be recommending this book to all the parents in my program!”

—Rahima Baldwin Dancy, early childhood and parent educator &
Author of You Are Your Child’s First Teacher

Ronna McEldowney is Executive Director of “Partners in Parenting,” a thriving global enterprise that answers calls for help from parents, teachers, school administrators, kindergarten owners and professional therapists specializing in early childhood development. Her website is Partners in Parenting.

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