Gifted by Dandelion Books

Gifted with Non-Fiction

A Rediscovery Of Free Will, By Frederick J. Smith

Creation & Metempsychosis, by Q. Dean Sloan

Executive Parenting, by Debi Davis and Ellen Sherman

Exopolitics, by Michael E. Salla

It’s All About Control, by Tony Stubbs

Living with Soul, Vol. I, by Tony Stubbs

Marrisingle, by Brenda Frantz

Portals to Higher Consciousness, by Norman D. Livergood

Progressive Awareness, by Norman D. Livergood

Gifted with Fiction

A Mother’s Journey, by Sharon Kay

Come As You Are, by Sarah Daniels

Return to Masada, by Robert G. Makin

Synchronicity Gates, by Stephen Vernarelli

The Alley of Wishes, by Laurel Johnson

Gifted with Poetry

Naked in Daylight, by Carol Adler

poems to read… On a Dark Stormy Night, by E. Lucas-Taylor

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