Halloween Werewolf Stories, by Tuklo Nashoba

Halloween Werewolf Stories are enough to make even witches and goblins run for the broom closet.

Surely someone has to have enough sense to grab a pen (or computer keyboard) and start writing them down—and that’s exactly what master storyteller Tuklo Nashoba has done in his two Dandelion books, Waaaay Out There! Diggertown, Oklahoma, and The Arbuckle Treasure Hunt.

Here's Tuklo's first-hand account:

“Suddenly, almost from one day to the next, ‘things started happening' in Diggertown, Oklahoma. “Before then, it seemed fairly easy for Deputy Clint Mankiller to keep peace, protect the innocent and handle the level of crime in this rural hamlet in southern Oklahoma."

It didn’t take long for Diggertown to become known throughout the State as ‘Weird Central.’” Nashoba’s werewolf fiction is “too incredible to be true,” and that’s exactly why Hollywood producers are clamoring for the film rights.

States Joe Hector Beelart, Jr., author of The Great Sasquatch Conspiracy, “Tuklo Nashoba has the rare gift of knowing how to write a strong and engaging story in simple, humorous words…”

Here’s an excerpt from Nashoba’s second book, The Arbuckle Treasure Hunt-Book Two in the"Waaaay Out There!" Series:

"The scene that greeted the other four men would have been hilarious if not for the gravity of the situation. Standing before Bubba was a wizened old man, barely five feet tall.

"He was dressed in buckskins, knee-high moccasins, and waist-length snow white hair and beard. Atop his head perched a soiled and much patched sombrero. The word that came to their minds was Gnome!

"The gnomish looking man was just standing there looking up at Bubba, a look of abject horror on his powder blackened face. Bubba glared down at the little man. "Yew shot mah candies!"

"The little man drew in a shocked breath and exhaled, "Saints preserve me, it speaks!" Then the much smaller man began to attempt to pummel Bubba with bony fists.

"Every time he hit the giant he emitted an "Ouch!" Bubba knocked off the man’s sombrero and then placed his huge right hand on top and down the sides of the man's head. In this fashion he held the man at bay.

"Bubba figured if he couldn’t hit him, he couldn’t continue to hurt his hands. This is how quickly the giant got over his anger."

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