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From The Courage to Be Who I Am
by Mary-Margareht Rose

Two weeks before my mother went into spirit, she said to me, "Margareht, do you realize why Spirit has chosen to take me in this way?"

My hand paused on the pillow I was fluffing up for her and readjusting behind her head. Only during the past few days had it become apparent that she was suffering from cancer in its advanced stage. When the doctor had discovered it, he had told me she had only eight weeks to live and that those weeks would be filled with almost unbearable pain.

It was now eight months later and my mother had experienced no pain at all. She'd lost only a few pounds and, until now, had appeared as robust and healthy looking as ever.

"Why, Mother?" I asked, giving her hand a loving squeeze.

She smiled bravely at me, returning my squeeze. "Because Spirit is showing you that you can heal on a much higher level.”

Tears sprang to my eyes. I wasn't expecting anything like that. My mother was very intuitive. Did she perceive, after all, that I had prayed to Spirit and that He had told me I would be guided to know what to do to take away her pain, and that I would be shown how to sustain my mother's life far beyond a mere eight weeks?

Oh, how I'd prayed and how grateful I'd been that my prayers had been answered!

My mother continued, "Margareht, it's time for you to really pay attention to the levels you can heal on, the very high levels. This is part of your learning and training, and I'm glad God chose to do it in this way. "I see the difference already in how you heal and how you speak. Yes, I'm already seeing the differences!"

I felt warm and wonderful inside. It was like I was seated at a special graduation, listening to words I would treasure for the rest of my life. "God showed me who you are," my mother continued, "and in a few years you'll come to know this. I'm so glad God shared that information with me. He also told me what you're here to do."

Her eyes were bright and her cheeks glowed with excitement as she gazed at me. "Margareht, I want you to know I'm happy. I'm happy, and I can go into spirit happy, because I know who you are."

In the months following her departure, my healing gifts grew incredibly. Since that time, I have come to understand God’s purpose for me. I am to help each individual who is guided to me to become one with who they are at this moment in time. I connect them to the Source, and thereafter, I am the facilitator and they are the healers.

My mother is always with me in the healing room, assisting me and cheering me on. This book is dedicated to her and to the other members of my immediate family with a lot of love and a big thank you for putting up with me. At different times each of my sons-in-law have said the same thing to me: "I love you dearly, but just don't do that stuff around me."

The Courage To Be Who I Am

Spirit told me that was okay. They didn't say, "Get out, I won't speak to you." Nothing like that. They never shunned me and they have always shown love toward me. I knew that their upbringing had a lot to do with the way they felt about my work. They were frightened because they didn't understand.

Three times I shut down because I frightened people, and each time I felt like I was suffocating. The last time I opened up, I told myself I would never shut down again. I don’t care what it means to anyone else. I have no choice. I am who I am.

This decision to remain true to myself has cost me almost all of my former friends and a large part of my family. To all these dear people I send my love and light, complete understanding and forgiveness. Fear of the unknown is one of the greatest challenges we humans are forced to deal with, and one of the reasons for writing this book is to help remove that fear. My commitment as a healer is to open the higher channels of consciousness by releasing negative emotions such as fear and anger. Then the love can come through. And the light. Enlightenment.

May it be a blessed holiday season for you and your loved ones.

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