Promoting Your Books – Hot Links from Dandelion's E. Lucas-Taylor

Promoting your books even before they are published, must be Number One on your ToDo List, if your goal is to

  • Sell books
  • Use your books as an expanded business card
  • Deliver important information to existing &
  • potential clients
  • Give yourself the best possible exposure in
  • a highly competitive marketplace
  • Enhance and enrich the lives of not just a few,
  • but thousands—millions of others

    You’ve heard from before from me and from other publishers and professional writers: the author is the best promoter for their own book(s).

    Publishers produce products and they do have considerable resources for exposing their books and getting sales… but YOU THE AUTHOR are the real magnet.

    YOU THE AUTHOR have the charisma, the highly charged intention to create a community of loyal readers and return buyers.

    From Dandelion’s expert marketing and promotion guru, E. Lucas-Taylor, here are some of the latest and greatest hot links for marketing and promoting your books:

    Filbert Publishing's BETH ERICKSON is launching a weekly radio show this fall.

    “If you've written a book, own a writing related website, and/or assist writers in any way and would like to apply for a full hour guest slot, e-mail me so I can get more information about you, your project, and your writing process. It's an exciting project that I hope will help support the wider freelancing community. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!” Filbert Publishing Email Address

    Besides writing, CONNIE GOTSCH is also famous for her real air radio programs in the Four Corners Area and she often looks for interesting writers to interview.

    FRAN HALPERN hosts the lively, often funny, Beyond Words--a show for literary toilers and word lovers which airs Saturday at 2 P.M on KCLU in Santa Barbara, CA. on KCLU 88.3 & 102.3, an NPR affiliate 88.3. Call during and before the broadcast at 805-493-9200.

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