Thanksgiving Day Wishes from Dandelion Books

Thanksgiving Day wishes from Dandelion start with a universal expression of gratitude to all Dandelion’s authors.

Dandelion is fortunate to have published a number of outstanding works. Although these works are considered controversial and "hot" in today's political climate, in the future, Sherman H. Skolnick’s Overthrow of the American Republic, Albert D. Pastore’s book about 911 and what really happened, Stranger than Fiction, Dr. Michael E. Salla’s book about UFOs, Exopolitics, Kathleen Sullivan’s book about Mind Control and MK Ultra, Unshackled, and John H. Brand’s book about our chaotic global state of affairs,Shaking the Foundations, may well be considered classics--required reading in most universities.

Dandelion looks forward to a time when censorship is censored, when we all know without a doubt that “we are not alone” in the universe, and when fine books such as Tom Hathaways's Taboo can be recognized as a work that delivers a powerful human message of unconditional love rather than a threatening story of incest and “forbidden pleasures.”

In our commitment to truth, cultural integrity and a passion for outrageous fiction, Dandelion continues to support quality writing and reputable reporting.

As President and CEO of Dandelion Books, my personal Thanksgiving Day wish is an expression of gratitude to the loyal global community of Dandelion supporters for giving us an opportunity to deliver to your doorstep works of information, inspiration, enlightenment, entertainment and cultural enrichment.

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Thanksgiving Day Wishes from our house to yours from Dandelion Books!!

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