Capitalist Myths - Time for a
Destiny Call

Capitalist Myths - Yesterday's Oz

‘It is the right--and the necessity--of humans to disaffirm the old world and bring forth a new culture’ – Norman Livergood & Michelle Mairesse

“Worldwide, thinking people are faced with the terror of the demonic cabal controlling America and the world. This cabal has corrupted and contaminated the old culture to the point that if we locate our primary being in that culture we'll become as insane and corrupt as they.

"We have no other recourse than to realize a new culture,” write Norman D. Livergood and Michelle Mairesse in Realizing a New Culture, Realizing a New America and a New World.

Humankind Has Outgrown Vulture Capitalism

The human race is sufficiently intelligent and aware enough to take control of its own destiny, refusing to be de- ceived any longer by the death-dealing capitalist myths:

**"The invisible hand of the market works for the good of all“

**“Free trade is the only way to order international commerce“

**“Capitalists should pay little or no tax because they are the engine of the economy“

**“Unemployment and poverty are natural, inevitable afflictions in any economic system“

**“The United States has the right to attack any nation which threatens its national economy“

**“Economic efficiency is only possible under capitalism“

**“All manufacturing, public utilities, and commodities should be privately owned“

**“Capitalists ought to be able to make as much money as they can, no matter what the plight of the workers“

**“All things are working together for the best in this best of all capitalist worlds“

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