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Drifters: The Final Testament - Volume One, by Michael Silverhawk (ISBN 1-893302-57-1)

“The Next Dimension in Science Fiction”

Within the DRIFTERS trilogy is a powerful secret, a key that unlocks our human potential!

Can one man “make a difference” not only in his own life but for everyone else on the planet? Is it possible for a single human to transform chaos into order, darkness into light?

Captain Jonathan Jefferson Ladd, U.S. Navel Intelligence (retired), is about to find out, as the Great Mind of the universe itself catapults him into a new world beyond his imagination.

When Ladd finds himself face to face with the Great Power and “accidentally” discovers his true inner potential, he realizes he must make a choice.

In order to achieve his mission and arrive at his destiny, Ladd must confront and overcome his deepest fears. DRIFTERS is the story of one man who puts his life at risk in order to find out who he really is, and why he is here on the planet Earth.

In this first book of the DRIFTERS trilogy, author Michael Silverhawk explores the questions: Are we really timeless, spiritual beings who are just temporarily “camping out” on Earth?

Have we all lived before on Earth as well as on other worlds? What is our true potential as spiritual/human beings? Can we create like God out of universal substance?

Read each other’s minds and souls? Travel through time? Through stargates? How responsive is life on earth to our state of consciousness? Can we live and stay disease-free and young forever?

Fasten your seat belts . . . you are in for a ride like you’ve never had before!

Michael Silverhawk is a writer, teacher and visionary who currently lives in Nevada.

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