For Holiday Giving, Pick Some Dandelions

Holiday giving usually defines the giver. Are you a book lover?

If so, this season, gift out on Dandelions. We can almost guarantee you'll find in our Catalog a book for every mom and dad, significant other, friend and colleague on your list.

This holiday season, Gift Out on Dandelions

How about some action-packed fiction—Adventure Capital, by John Rushing--a blood-curdling tale about South Florida crime…

Based on a true story that unveils the reality behind Washington pornography, politics and finance, here’s a book that will satisfy every bookworm on your holiday list.

Engineer and entrepreneur Mark Hansen is determined to carve out his destiny as the manufacturer of an innovative locator device for finding people lost at sea.

Mark soon discovers that venture capital has hazards never mentioned in textbooks.

As the plot thickens, he gets locked in a struggle to save not only his company but his life.

Author John Rushing, an inventor and business entrepreneur himself, has removed the smoke and mirrors from the world of enterprise. A chilling tale of romance, intrigue and adventure rarely glimpsed in fiction.

"Mark, look at it this way. I am a U.S. Senator and this is my office. You are a citizen who’s looking for some help getting your product--your invention, on the market. You need to cut through some red tape so you can--what? Save someone lost at sea? Get rich and retire--whatever. She paused, again scanning for a response.

Mark nodded and a faint trace of a grin briefly flashed across his face.

Connie continued, “Assume for now my husband is not the Secretary of Transportation and that you didn’t come to me because he controls the people you need to see.”

"I'm not sure what you're driving at," he said haltingly, “but my associates--"

"...are wonderful people whom I have not had the pleasure of meeting," she interrupted pointedly.

"All that aside… We, my associates and I, feel strongly about your candidacy. We wonder how you would feel if we were to form a PAC and provide some support for your re-election."

He paused, scanning her carefully. Nothing. Not a twitch, not one nostril move; nothing.

"Well, Mark that is very thoughtful, but you know some people might misunderstand such support." What would her husband think of him, she wondered. The senator’s smile broadened.

Mark caught himself bathing in her smile. It was warm. Hell it was devastating. No wonder she was so effective. She could melt titanium with that smile. But not him.

From Adventure Capital, by John Rushing
Published by Dandelion Books and available from Amazon
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Deck the Halls with Dandelions! Give books to your loved ones and special friends!

This season, gift out on Dandelions... We can almost guarantee you'll find in our Catalog a book for every mom and dad, significant other, friend and colleague on your list!

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