Holiday Greetings from Dandelion Books!

Excerpt from A Mother's Journey
by Sharon Kay
(ISBN 1-893302-52-0)

“I want a job, too, Mommy!” Joey’s eyes widened as he watched Natalie sorting piles of crisp dollar bills and shiny silver quarters on the dining room table.

“Then get a job,” Natalie smiled at her little brother.

“I’m too little!” Joey leaned his elbows on the table and dropped his head in his hands.

“No, you’re not.”

“What can I do, Mom? I’m only six.”

“Well, you could sell these boxed greeting cards. Almost every mom needs greeting cards.” I pulled a large manila envelope from the stack of mail on the counter.


“Just take this catalog to each one of our neighbors and ask them if they would like to buy a box of cards.

"Then collect the amount listed in the catalog for each box you sell. When you have sold sixteen boxes you can buy the cards at the wholesale price. You get to keep the difference. That’s your profit.”

Joey studied the catalog for a long time and looked at all the greeting card samples. “I can do that. That’ll be fun.”

Gathering the catalog, order sheet and sample cards, he put them into the manila envelope. He ran to sharpen his pencil and headed out the door with the big envelope under his arm.

“Stay on our street, okay?”

“I will.” Joey’s voice trailed off as he hurried down the driveway.

Natalie smiled. “That’s my little brother. He’s not afraid of anything.”

I felt proud of Joey’s independence. I always sent an Angel or two with my children wherever they went. Today was no exception.

Two hours later the screen door flew open. “I did it! I sold sixteen boxes! Everyone liked the cards. They even thanked me.”

Joey proudly dumped checks, cash and coins onto the table.

Together we counted the money and I double-checked his order.

“Your profit is ten dollars and twenty-four cents after you pay for the postage and the cards. Count out your profit. You will have to deliver the cards when the order arrives.”

“Sure,” Joey said, intent on counting the exact amount that was his profit. “Wow, I’m rich!”

“Yes, we are all rich… in more ways than you know. Being rich isn’t about money. It’s about being happy, having fun and helping other people.” Joey is the top salesperson in his company today because he learned early in his life that “to sell” means “to serve.” He loves people and he loves helping people get what they want.

That day Joey also learned you can do anything when you know that you can.

A Mother's Journey, by Sharon Kay

Holiday Greetings from Dandelion Books!

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