How to Publish Your Book without Jumping off a Cliff

You want to know how to publish your book without taking risks… yet, if you love celebrated American author Ray Bradbury’s cliff-jumping aphorism* as much as I do, and if you want to see your book in print, you’re more than ready to make that leap.

*[“You’ve got to jump off cliffs all the time and build your wings on the way down.” –Ray Bradbury]

I have a plan. I suggest that instead of jumping off a cliff, you take a flying leap off the bandwagon of mainstream publishing, and instead of building wings, build a website. Create a landing pad in virtual space. It will be much easier on your derrière.

Here’s the challenge: the manuscript is ready to go. You’ve submitted it to several literary agents and now you’re playing the waiting game.

How many weeks, months has it been already since you’ve heard from any of them?

If you’re lucky and one of these overworked agents (usually with unread manuscripts teetering several feet high on desks, adjoining tables and even the kids’ toy chests and laundry baskets) decides to take you on as a client, the next step is that agent’s shop-around to the handful of traditional publishers that still pays an advance against royalties.

Instead of taking that downward plunge into possible oblivion, let your wagon be your website and hitch it to the virtual stardom of online writing, publishing, marketing and promotion.

Here’s how to publish your book

Make sure your book reads well and has been professionally edited. If it needs more than an edit, make the investment. It’s worth it to have a work you can be proud of. If you’ve decided to self- rather than co-publish (please read some of my other articles that discuss the difference between the two), have the cover and interior professionally designed.

Create a website with built-in strategic marketing IT

While your book is in production, purchase a (SBI) web package for $299. It will be the best investment you ever made because it includes domain registration and hosting, design tools and strategic content-based SEO marketing—built into the technology.

Both of my websites, Write To Publish for Profit and Dandelion Books, are SBI websites. SBI surrounds its clients with plenty of technical TLC delivered in graphically illustrated and videoed bytes that that even a newbie like me can digest.

Check out Write to Publish for Profit for pages and pages of T & T (Tips & Techniques) for writing, marketing and publishing your book(s)!! Contact me if you need help.

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