Poetry ebooks - a marriage with a rosy future

Poetry ebooks are a perfect internet match that's made to last: never going out of print and "virtually available" on every conceivable electronic device.

PDAs, iPods and smart phones handle mini-bytes best--and poems are usually short and can be read and re-read in a matter of minutes.

Reader devices and PC hard drives can easily archive an entire collection of poetry--you already know how many files your PC can hold, and Amazon Kindles can download and store 200 books.

"To launch Dandelion's ebook publishing program, I've re-issued three of my previously published poetry books as a single collection titled Arioso, says Carol Adler, President of Dandelion Books. "E. L. Taylor, another Dandelion author, then stepped forward to send us one of her poetry collections, Poems to read... on a Dark Scary Night, which is now also available as an ebook both from our website and from the Amazon Kindle library."

Adler, who has an MFA degree in Creative Writing/Poetry and who is also an experienced poetry instructor and editor, has just released two more of of her collections as Dandelion ebooks: Naked in Daylight and Jesus & the Tooth Fairy.

Dandelion welcomes poetry manuscripts!

Send us your poetry manuscripts for downloadable products on the Dandelion website and also as Amazon Kindle ebooks.

Download an excerpt from Arioso

Download an excerpt from Poems to read... on a Dark Stormy Night

Download an excerpt from Naked in Daylight

Download an excerpt from Jesus & The Tooth Fairy

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