Romance Dot Com – Cooking up a new life

Romance Dot Com is one of the fastest and easiest ways to virtually fall in love… again… and again.

You may even may end up creating a new and different stew every time--ask Becky Ruff (now Reed).

In the second edition of her delightful little book, Romance Stew: The Way to a Woman's Heart, Becky Ruff-Reed writes:

“In 2007 I converted virtual reality into Real Time Manifestation. Once more I walked down the aisle and pledged marital vows.

”As my family and friends stood on the sidelines witnessing my Whirlwind Romance, they had every right to be astonished. At age 55, already a grandmother and at the point in life when people start to hang out the Resignation shingle, had dear sweet Becky Ruff gone off the deep end?

“Yes, I had.

“I threw myself into this new relationship as if I was love-and-sex-and-marriage starved. I was.

“But: how could I be falling in love again?

“Or: why? How could anyone except me understand that I was determined to prove to myself once and for all that it was possible to have a lasting lawful romantic relationship?

At the end of Romance Stew, Ruff-Reed writes:

“Is it not good to remember that we’re all human? Perhaps we should look at this lifetime as a wonderful ‘day trip.’ It may not prove to be everything we hoped, but if we can open ourselves to the ‘moment’ of the experience right now, we will indeed experience it Right Now.

“It may not be storybook perfect, but is any storybook as perfect as the one that unfolds daily before our eyes, with more possibilities than any story could ever contain?! Does that not sound paradoxical? Of course it does!

"And that’s what romance is all about: the paradox of the illusion and the fortitude to make the most of the path we chose ‘somewhere in time.’

“Be wonderfully free to follow your bliss, play hard . . . and don’t forget to have lots of laughs along the way. And when the going gets tough or when fear sets in:

"Don't be afraid and turn up the volume!”

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