A scary poem calls for a warm, cozy fire… and lots of grog

Opening lines of a scary poem might be enough to make your blood run cold--but how about a whole collection?

Poems to read… On A Dark Stormy Night, by E. Lucas-Taylor, are “meant to be read aloud, around a warm, cozy fire, and read slowly to build suspense,” says Taylor, an accomplished novelist, marketing wizard (watch for another Dandelion/Taylor ebook coming soon, Marketing Yourself As A Freelance Writer) and active blogger: My Space,... Blogspot,... Authors Den.

How’s this, from the opening poem:

"For centuries, perhaps eons of time/the story is told with relish and rhyme/of fiendish blood-sucking Vampyre types/and hellish devil hordes with pointy horns/…conceived by the world so long ago/as a form of disquiet to the world at large,/of an authority beyond our five senses/darkly entrenched in myths and legends/…and of pacts given and promises broken/which unmercifully tease the fragile mind/and leave fear and dread…as a token."


The harvest moon is there to teach/…glowing in evening lantern’s light each,/long before Ghosts and Warlocks take to flight/wreaking their havoc as an ensorcelled plan/…in midnight’s knell of shame…so banned.

Along came a Druid with magic fine./Said he, “Caution, for it will be some time,/a’ fore I can snuff the witches’ ritual trine/ But a’ fear not ,they will bother you no more, I find.”/…all said in Druid rhyme.

For an excerpt from this scary poem collection, click here.

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Turn up the air conditioning!

Reading aloud to a circle of family and friends used to be a favorite pastime before radio, TV, video games, etc. In the wintertime, bundling before a blazing fire was not only fun; it was a necessity if the tales were tall and scary enough.

Reading a scary poem while sipping lemonade around the pool in summertime may not have the same effect, but try it inside in a darkened room. Light a few candles and burn some incense. Have the reader smear on some pasty makeup...don a cape and a pointed hat...

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