Sourdough Recipes – Bread, cakes, cookies and much more!

Sourdough recipes travel through the centuries and, as in this collection from E. L. Taylor, each generation creates its own variations.

Whether you are a cookbook collector or gourmet chef, you will want to own this amazing collection of sourdough recipes.

Writes Taylor: “This cookbook is much more than the usual Sourdough Bread Cookbook. Within these pages you will find more than three-hundred sourdough recipes and menus for breakfast basics, soups, main dishes, savories, cookies & sweets, pastry & pies, cakes & desserts… as well as those wonderful old-fashioned bread recipes.

“When a young woman married and left home, it was the custom for a young bride to receive a bit of sourdough yeast starter from her mother’s kitchen.

“Each time the new bride baked, which was every day, she would keep some of the yeast dough from her stash in reserve.

“Prospectors and trappers in the Northwest also carried a similar lump of sourdough in their packs to make the tasty, pungent bread which bears its name.

“In pioneer days, wagon trains traveling from East to West and back again wouldn’t have survived without sourdough.

Recipes from Sourdough & More

“Bread from every time period has always been made with a variety of different grains, either by parching or a roasting of the grain or seed before use.

“In modern times, wheat has remained the mainstay in bread-making because of the high gluten content, which gives elasticity to the dough, enabling it to rise and to have a tender, fine texture.

“A serious cook loves the feeling of yeast dough under his or her hands. It’s something you can’t get from a bread machine. Yeast dough is a living, viable, heavenly thing. Yeast is a plant, a living plant, and watching and feeling it grow as the dough rises is truly exciting.

“I’ve never lost the wonder of it. And then, there is the wonderful yeast aroma while bread is baking that hangs on for hours if not days. It can draw crowds eagerly and ecstatically to sniff the air.

“Sourdough is so much more than bread making or bread baking, as you will see once you get more into this cookbook. And by all means, don’t hesitate to use your bread machine to save yourself some time. Most of the bread recipes are easily adaptable.”

Taylor is also an expert book marketer, fiction writer, and poet.

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