Jesus And The Tooth Fairy 
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Jesus And The Tooth Fairy, says poet and author Carol Adler, “is both politically incorrect and totally against the rules of ‘traditional poetry.'"

“What do we mean by ‘traditional anything’ these days anyway?” challenges Adler, who has three “traditionally” published poetry books to her credit and another collection she has just self-published through Dandelion Books, her own online company.

Carol Adler poetry

“When it comes to poetry and contemporary art in general, forget ‘tradition’ and forget being politically correct,” says Adler.

“All that really matters is that the work communicates. It is my hope that Jesus and the Tooth Fairy will speak deeply to my readers.”

From Jesus & The Tooth Fairy:

"The Worst Scenario"... Attitudes collect moods like mold from dripping water. Couldn't just one memory be enough? So from then on she became Sarah growing roses in the graveyard of an imagination grown wild.

Perhaps it was the usual type of commercial happiness that thrives on self-denial and is driven by holiday lights that are never our own and too distant to even be admired for more than a mere drive-thru that sets us up for another first round of resentment.

Because, after all, there was something too personal about romance that might be contagious or even available. Yet convenience is an old dog that refuses to die; and comfort, that fuzzy rabbit that gets dragged around until the button eyes fall out; and “soft” transcends to word-stain-and-spoil by too much self-defense.

The relationship was supposed to end, but it wouldn't. Anyone can be an expert in manifesting self-prophesy, and since they both knew that, it was like an ugly joke they kept laughing at, each never letting on to the other that they understood until pretty soon everyone quietly got up and left except the ghost of pretense.

 Enjoy an excerpt from Jesus & The Tooth Fairy

"Solomon in All His Glory"... So, what if everything you always thought to be true was suddenly wiped out, leaving you with only a sponge mop and empty kitchen? Jesus the tooth fairy the US Dollar and the unmentionable of all items accidentally left in the bottom of the hamper, hyphenated or not, bearing the same quotient of fear from all the non-believers.

The fact is: if you thought no one would know the difference it would get to be a habit like anything you can get away with until pretty soon no one remembers except maybe that child dropped on a stranger’s doorstep or left huddled in the alley after yet another bombing.

Is anyone listening?!

So let’s assume there’s only me and you here in this place now that is everywhere, and if that isn’t confounding enough, add the hungry baby screeching in Africa or your Aunt Lucy at the height of an orgasm with a three-legged night stand screeching her head off.

Carol, your poems are magnificent. They are most thought-provoking and require time to read. Your life experiences provide insights and wisdom that is the property of very few people.
    --John H. Brand, D.Min., J.D., Author

Bill Austin, spiritual teacher, healer, artist and visionary custom designed the cover art for Jesus and the Tooth Fairy.

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