Modern Guru 101

Modern Guru 101 - How To Be A Modern Guru, by Norman D. Livergood, is the essential handbook for all who hunger to elevate themselves above the rest in a highly competitive marketplace.

People no smarter than you are becoming Gurus. You can too.

"But they can sit cross-legged and meditate, or breathe through one nostril, or pronounce archaic Chinese," you say.

So what! The fad of the stereotyped Guru is passé. Gurus now come in many different shapes, I.Q.'s, and speech defects.

Whatever your previous training or feeling of physical or mental inadequacy, you are as much a candidate for Guruhood as the next fellow or gal. In fact, more so.

You may think this book is a put-on. But just look around at the accelerating number of people becoming Gurus. Politicians, business consultants, think-tank experts, military advisors, investment analysts, and sanitary engineers.

They've tapped into a Way of proclaiming themselves teacher, trainer, instructor, master, tutor, director, coach, don, professor, lecturer, reader, prelector, prolocutor, preacher, chalk talker, pastor, schoolmaster, dominie, pedagogue, abecedarian, schoolmistress, dame, monitor, expositor, preceptor, guide, mentor, adviser, pioneer, apostle, missionary, propagandist, and munshi.

By taking on such titles, people listen to them, respect them--and PAY them for their Wisdom. These same methods are available to you--as revealed in this book.

If you sat at the feet of these modern Gurus for a time, you would doubtless get the feeling--as many have--that they are not "special" people, ordained from On High, but ordinary persons who have the drive to make a go of it in a highly competitive racket.

Many of them have no better qualifications than you.

The only thing that keeps you from becoming a Guru is You!

--From How To Become A Modern Guru

How To Become A Modern Guru - Modern Guru 101

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Norman D. Livergood, B.A., M.Th., M.A., Ph.D., Ph.D., (his friends, and some acquaintances call him Doctor Professor Doctor Livergood), Proto-Occultist and Meta-Mystic, traveled widely in spawning this Book.

Delving deeply into the Ancient Archives of the British Museum Library for several hours, he then Hover-crafted to France where he solved the Prehistoric Riddle of the Eiffel Tower.

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