Plato Revisited - The New Commonwealth

The New Commonwealth, a novella by Norman D. Livergood, is Plato Revisited in the 21st century.

The Commonwealth is an ideal form of society that Livergood believes is a conscious solution to 21st century's failed experiments.

Writes Livergood in the preface of a well-crafted work that complements his six other works, also published by Dandelion Books:

"There have been many historical political "experiments" that provide some insight into the essential features of a commonwealth: fifth century Athens, the Venetian republic, and the United States, among others.

"And there have been a number of 'utopias,' imaginatively created accounts of idealized communities.

"But all these are merely distant approximations of the Form Commonwealth, which we must understand if we're to create a commonwealth movement.

The New Commonwealth, by Norman D. Livergood

The New Commonwealth is also available on Amazon Kindle.

One of Plato's most important projects was the search for and investigation of the Form Commonwealth, which included societal archetypes, patterns of behavior, and human objectives.

We are able to understand and realize the Commonwealth Form through study of Plato's teachings, through Dialectical Interchange, with others interested in Commonwealth, and through creating a new, contemporary imaginatively created Pattern delineating how small, experimental communities come into being, determining through their common experience which structures and methods are effective and beneficial.

This imaginatively created Pattern—the Novella—explores how these communities train in Dialectical Interchange and group decision-making in building effective equalitarian communities and how they then fecundate the larger society with their knowledge.

Plato Revisited in the 21st century is particularly appropriate at this time in history when journalists and intellectuals are quick to describe the problems, but reticent to articulate practical solutions.

In his six titles published with Dandelion Books, Livergood does both.

Dr. Norman D. Livergood is an author, publisher, and teacher living in Vista, California. After receiving his bachelors degree from Phillips University, he completed a Master of Divinity, Master of Arts, and a Doctorate in philosophy at Yale University.

His interest in psychology led him to pursue a masters equivalent in that field.

In 1989 he completed a second doctorate in artificial intelligence at the Union Institute.

He has taught at a variety of universities across the United States, from Yale University to the University of California, San Diego. In 1993-1995, he served as Professor and Chair, Artificial Intelligence, at the United States Army War College.

Norman Livergood's Website

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