President Of The World
By Norman D. Livergood

President of the World, a novel by Norman D. Livergood, should be on the best seller list.

It should be required reading for every thinking individual who really wants to know what’s really happening in this world.

Here's the million dollar question: What would you do if you found yourself pitted against two “gorgons”?

President of World Norman Livergood

The first "gorgon," whose name was in fact Dr. Gorgon and whose only goal was to create a One World Government, in the process annihilating the last vestiges of the USA (already a rapidly deflating Super-Power)...and the second "gorgon," Franklin Cartwright, a highly eccentric genius and wisdom keeper of the universal “Perennial Tradition.”

Incidentally, Norman D. Livergood is author of President Of The World as well as a book titled The Perennial Tradition,...“the single stream of initiatory teaching flowing through all the great schools of mysticism.”

President Of The World is available on Amazon Kindle and will soon also be available on Nook, Ipad, Sony Reader & all other ebook readers & smart phones.

For Ben Emerson, an artificial intelligence expert with an elite corporate D.C. position and matching lifestyle, both of these formidable characters turn out to be his greatest assets as he works his way through the Herculean labyrinth of shedding the impeccably tailored pinstriped outer skin of his fear-laden ego for a tattered, “mundane,” fearless and acutely aware over-soul.

Eventually and to his credit, Ben discovers that all gorgons are only figments of the imagination, as fierce or impotent as we wish them to be; and anger, hatred and revenge are merely our own unresolved childhood traumas.

Norman D. Livergood’s characters are as real as the reader allows them to become.

Ben Emerson is both witness and participant as he watches each of the players perform their mental and psychic gymnastics on the iPad of his mind.

As both “gorgons” proceed to demonstrate a series of surrealistic mind control experiments, Livergood, who is operating his marionettes from above and “outside the box,” is quick to remind the reader at every turn of the plot, that murder, suicide, poisoning, kidnapping, sexual torture, physical, psychic and psychological abuse are merely a reflection of the socio-economic game of Füssball that the U. S. and its allies have been playing with each other ever since the founding of this country.

Read between the lines and read this book more than once.

Like a child’s “hidden picture” puzzle, every reading will produce another image, another reference, and yet another epiphany or insight into the “terrible beauty” of a world that, in spite of its poverty, hunger, pain and suffering, is starting to crown and emerge victorious from its Mother’s womb:

    Now and in time to be,

     Wherever green is worn,
     Are changed, changed utterly:
     A terrible beauty is born.
                 —W. Yeats “Easter 1916”

President Of The World is available on Amazon Kindle and will soon also be available for Nook, Ipad, Sony Reader & all other ebook readers & smart phones.

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