Radioactive Fuel Waste Solutions

Remediation of Radioactive Fuel Waste is one of the most critical issues on the planet today.

Writes David G. Yurth, author of HDCC Technique for Remediation of Radioactive Fuel Waste, recently published as an eBook by Dandelion Books: 

One of the greatest challenges of the 21st Century is to develop a method for remediating high level nuclear waste generated by fission-based power production systems.

The problems associated with reducing alpha, gamma and beta emissions generated by high level solid and liquid nuclear waste materials are technically difficult for a variety of reasons.

In this eBook, I suggest alternative approaches which can be designed, tested, prototyped and adapted to satisfy the technical, scientific, and engineering problems associated with reducing radioactive emissions generated by spent nuclear fuel waste materials to ambient background levels. 


 Remediating Radioactive Fuel Waste, by David G. Yurth

The remediation technique described here has been shown to be effective in the treatment of various nuclear waste materials.

It exploits the nature of a patented phenomenological process referred to in the literature as High Density Charge Clusters [HDCC] to temporarily disaggregate the nuclear structure of target materials, thereby inducing lower energy states.

The product of the HDCC process is a reduction in the intensity, rate of emissions, and half-life of target materials by up to 50.00% with each interaction.

A multi-phased approach is proposed to resolve the scientific, engineering and technical problems related to the development of a suitable methodology in five successive research, design & development phases.

Estimated cost to complete the first three phases which will deliver field testable beta units in six fields of application is less than $10,000,000.00. Each phase is estimated to require between 12 – 18 months, with a total expected project term of 3 – 5 years. 

More than 30 techniques for mitigating radioactive emissions in spent nuclear fuel waste materials have been proposed and experimentally tested over the past 50 years. They range from simple incineration of low level waste in a 7000F furnace to catastrophic destruction of the elemental materials via a process called nuclear spallation.

Alchemical techniques have been proposed and unsuccessfully tested. Low and Intermediate level Liquid Waste Materials have been subjected to various means for precipitating radiation-emitting solids using three primary techniques, but high level solids have not been successfully handled using any of these techniques.


 Remediating Radioactive Fuel Waste, by David G. Yurth



At the present time no viable methodology has been developed and/or demonstrated for a scientifically validated commercial or industrial system that effectively ameliorates the problem posed by High Level Nuclear Waste.

The development of an efficient, cost-effective solution to the nuclear stockpile problem constitutes one of the most important technology innovations of the 21st Century. In order to succeed, it must be financed with quiet, patient, long-suffering private sources of capital.

Its research initiatives must be conducted under conditions which are so thoroughly secret and confidential that none of its detractors will be able to interdict the process prior to the roll-out of commercially viable systems. Whether or not such a combination of resources and circumstances can be created in time to prevent the irremediable pollution of the earth's ecosystems remains to be seen.

The science and technology that has been applied to this integrated system has been known for more than 20 years...

Others have devoted significant time, effort and resources to investigate the properties, characteristics and behaviors exhibited by high density charge clusters. Their papers, patents, articles, presentation materials and private research notes have been relied on to enhance our understanding.

After more than 25 years of diligent research by our own team members, we are comfortable suggesting that this approach can be successfully and efficiently exploited to solve one of the world’s most challenging problems. 

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