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Discover the 3 Secrets to Living Happily Ever After

Rhonda Rabow ... From the very Introduction, this book pulls you in with the challenge to fix your current relationship rather than move on and make the same mistakes with someone new.

It highlights the myth that the work ceases once you’re married or in a committed relationship, and emphasizes that this is when the real work begins.

This deceptively short and simple book is full of gems from the author’s professional experience. And the three secrets, themselves, at first sound like commonsense but are presented with refreshing clarity. Also, the author’s use of short case studies is particularly valuable.

I heartily recommend this book, whether you’re currently in a relationship or marriage, or seeking to be in one.

--Tony Stubbs, Author

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Enjoy an excerpt of Discover the 3 Secrets to Living Happily Ever After, by Rhonda Rabow

Rhonda Rabow, credentialed in counseling psychology, psychology, and Imago relationship therapy, expresses her awareness of the needs of partners within a marriage through an understandable framework of actively cognizant behavior in her very readable Discover the 3 Secrets to Living Happily Ever After.

Using short stories of couples and exercises to follow, one readily finds himself mirrored in the struggle to comprehend the disillusion, disappointment, pain, and estrangement found in ailing unions.

Today finds many who consider the bonds of marriage as disposable as most other segments and items of our culture.

However, you take yourself with you wherever you go and Rabow reminds us that challenges are part of the human experience.

When we believe a spouse has abandoned or rejected us, we feel emotionally starved, deserted, and alone With her guidance, the invested reader can change the “you” or “me” in scenarios to “we” as the marriage evolves.

This short and concisely written work supplies a guideline in three “secrets” for self-awareness and highlighted compassion to acknowledge that each spouse must feel accepted, heard, safe, understood, respected, and loved.

Marriages that house dissatisfied partners need a stimulus of observation, accountability, and self-discipline.

Stages exist in unions and the key to communication means more than speaking openly and clearly stating needs.

We must learn to convey our ideas without criticism and in terms the other may best grasp depending on his particular “wiring.” Mrs. Rabow explains that “some experts believe we are drawn to the person most like the parent with whom we had the most challenges.”

To create the desired result in sharing ideas and ourselves, we learn to be conscious of our methods, observe patterned behaviors and unrealistic expectations, and to be in touch with the collision of childhood nonfulfillment of anticipation crashing into today's arguments, hurts, and upsets.

Sometimes all we need to express is that “I see you are really upset, but I don't know what to do.”

The clarity of Rhonda Rabow's three secrets offers hope for any relationship: focus on the strengths of your partner, learn to be an effective communicator and listener, and deal with the problem to then let it go with forgiveness. This release of resentment is not just for your partner, but necessary for us all to go forward by opening the heart to trust again. Happiness finds a foothold when we can accept our inner wounds while working to achieve actual resolution to problems.

The last section of this optimistic work deals with specific relationship issues and steps toward solving problems. “The success of a relationship does not depend on matched backgrounds, educational levels or financial circumstances. Rather, it depends on a choice we make to learn to understand and appreciate each other and be accepting of differences.”

--Becky Reed, Author

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