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Hypnotherapy - Source Integration Therapy

    *Weight Management

    *Smoking Cessation
    *Application of The Law of Attraction for Manifesting &
    *Consciously Creating Your Reality
    *Self-Esteem: How to Achieve & Maintain
    *Regression and Progression Therapy
    *Rediscovering Your Goals, Purpose & Destiny
    *Stress, Pain & Anger Management
    *Custom-Designed Sessions for Unique Personal Situations

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    President Emeritus of ASPH...Currently serving as 2010 ASPH President...Certified Hypnotherapist...Medical Hypnotherapist...Source Integration Therapist...Certified Spiritual Healer...Ordained Minister & Counselor...Hypnotherapy Practitioner for over 40 years...Founder and Creator of Source Integration Therapy SIT)...Essential Hypnotherapy & SIT Training Seminars Leading to Certification...Popular National Speaker...Student of Ancient and Modern Methods for Achieving Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Results

    Among those whom Robert has certified to practice Source Integration Therapy & Essential Hypnotherapy are Medical Doctors, Psychologists, Social Workers, Nutritionists, Therapists, Education Specialists, Counselors and Healers.

    Robert J. O'Connor, CHt
    Complementary & Alternative Solutions /
    Essential Hypnotherapy

    Quantum Source Integration Therapy
    Tel: (602) 930-1483

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