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By Mary Matson

I've had a weight problem for years, so when I got the assignment to review this hypnosis program I was very excited. After all, how many other jobs actually pay you to improve yourself?

My last experience with an Internet hypnosis program had been moderately successful. I started losing weight in the beginning, but I lost my motivation and ended up putting it all back on in the end. So I was wondering if this program would somehow be the magic elixir that would help me to lose my weight once and for all.

The program is a combination program which actually consists of four different programs, each with its own purpose. The hypnotherapist has bundled together all of the different programs that you'll need to be successful and he's reduced the price to make it more affordable for you.

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The quick start instruction sheet that is included in the package gave me a schedule that clearly describes when to listen to each program.

First Day: Listen to sessions one and two of the six session "Vaporize Your Appetite!" program. Session one gives a clear overview of how the program works, and what one must do to be successful. It's like the consultation you would have with the hypnotherapist, Alan B. Densky, CH, if you actually visited his office and paid the $250.00 per session fee.

He clears up all of the common misconceptions about hypnosis, and explains what makes this program different from others on the market. While most hypnosis CD's utilize what he called "Traditional Hypnosis" as the bulk of their program, this program only uses a small amount of Traditional Hypnosis, which is simply offering the client post-hypnotic suggestions. Mr. Densky explains that most people of our generation were raised and trained to analyze and question everything. And this creates a resistance to following simple post-hypnotic commands.

He explains that this program is based mainly on modern technologies that bypass this resistance. Ericksonian Hypnotherapy is a sort of conversational hypnosis that uses stories, conversation, and metaphors to hide the suggestions so that the conscious mind doesn't create resistance to them. And Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), which is a technology that is based on training the unconscious to use the same exact thought patterns and processes that it uses to create a problem, like cravings and compulsions, to eliminate them.

Session two is the first induction of hypnosis. So I sat back in my chair and listened to Mr. Densky's soothing voice, with some pleasant background music. It was very, very pleasant, and I sank down into the deepest state of relaxation that I can ever recall feeling.

Day Two: Watch the entire "Lose Weight In A Flash!" video. This video is about an hour long. And forty minutes of it is a real education that is presented in a very amusing fashion. I learned how our excess appetite is caused by two different factors. We crave food because of stress. Putting food into the mouth provides relaxation and pleasure.

And we also feel cravings because of unconscious associations called conditioned responses. For example, if you eat while you are working on your computer, your unconscious will associate the two activities together, and then every time you get in front of the computer, a picture of the food in your hand coming towards your face, flashes at the unconscious level of mind. It is that unconscious mental picture that makes you feel cravings, and a compulsion to eat.

Some people have a compulsion to eat because being overweight can provide emotional protection. But I'll tell you more about that in a few minutes.

The last twenty minutes of the video is the magic elixir. It is not a video of a hypnotist hypnotizing you. It is a programming video. This is a great technology for those of us who have a poor imagination and have a problem visualizing. The video is really effective because it actually does the visualizing for you. You will see a series of scenes that are exactly what the hypnotist would ask you to visualize during a hypnosis session. The scenes are based on NLP patterns.

So for example, if one of your problems is that you've unconsciously associated food with watching the TV, what you would see in the video is a hand. You are told to imagine this is your hand. You see your hand coming towards your face (the screen) with food in it. Just as the food is about to go into your mouth, the picture slowly starts to zoom away. As the picture zooms away into the distance, several changes take place in that picture. Eventually the picture disappears, and a new picture starts to emerge from a tiny spot in the distance.

As the new picture gets closer and larger, you see a profile view of yourself, sitting and watching TV, without any food. And you see yourself with a thin and sexy body. The video process then repeats itself several times, each time zooming faster and faster. Within a few minutes, your unconscious mind has been programmed so that every time you sit down to watch TV, instead of it flashing a picture of food in your hand (which makes you feel cravings), it flashes a disassociated image of you, watching the TV without eating, and you have a slim body.

The video goes through a number of different common scenarios where people tend to associate food, but shouldn't. It also uses the same technique to train your brain to have stressful thoughts automatically trigger thoughts that are supposed to relax you.

Later that evening when I sat down to watch TV, which is when I generally do a lot of snacking, I didn't even have a single thought about food. It was interesting, because I wasn't aware of anything in particular happening, but I just didn't feel like eating at all, and it was wonderful.

alan  densky

Third Day: Listen to "Vaporize Your Appetite!" session three. I like the fact that Mr. Densky prefaces each session by telling you what he is going to do and how it's going to work. This session uses an Ericksonian metaphor. Once again, I found myself in an even deeper state of tranquility, as I listened to an interesting story. The metaphor carries hidden messages that help you ignore the chaos in life and become a much more relaxed person overall. Somehow it also instructs your unconscious to diminish your appetite.

Fourth Day: Listen to "Vaporize Your Appetite!" session four. Putting something into your mouth relaxes you! Once again, in this session I felt myself enter a profound state of very deep hypnosis. The hypnotherapist uses this session to program your unconscious to substitute pleasant memories and fantasies in place of food and drink. This makes you feel the relaxation and pleasure that your mind and body is seeking without consuming food, so you lose your appetite to overeat.

Fifth Day: Listen to "Vaporize Your Appetite!" session five. This session utilizes deep hypnosis to program your unconscious to adopt new eating behaviors. Since powerful motivation is a key to success, programming for self-esteem to create that motivation is reinforced. You are instructed to watch only the appropriate mind programming sessions in the Neuro-VISION "Lose Weight In A Flash!" video. This takes about twenty minutes.

Sixth Day: Listen to "Vaporize Your Appetite!" session six. Long story short, you lose your cravings, urges, and appetite to overeat so you eat a lot less. You actually lose weight without the need for willpower!

At the end of the first week, I did find that I felt a lot better, and interestingly, I was sleeping a lot better. Food had become much less important to me. As a matter of fact, I just didn't seem to think much about it anymore. I was thrilled because I had lost 5 lbs.

Twice per week from this point on: Watch only the appropriate mind programming sessions on the “Lose Weight In A Flash!” video. This takes about twenty minutes each time. As I watched the video, even though my eyes were wide open, I found myself entering a nice deep state of hypnosis and mellowing out.

After The Second Week: If you are finding excuses to NOT listen to and watch the programs, or you are finding excuses to NOT stick to proper foods, listen to the “Compulsive Over Eating” CD.

There I was at the beginning of week three, which is typically when I start to lose motivation. Sure enough, I was starting to find excuses to NOT listen to the hypnosis sessions or pay attention to what I was eating. I still didn't have any real cravings for food, but it was as though some part of me was trying to make my weight loss program fail.

So per the quick start sheet, I got out the "Reframe Compulsive Overeating" CD. This is an interactive CD. You must take an active part in the use of this program. The CD shows you how to set up a channel of communication with your unconscious mind so it will send you signals, which either mean "yes" or "no" in answer to the questions that you ask it.

The instructions on the CD explain that being fat can provide all sorts of emotional protection. Like if somebody got their heart broken, becoming fat could keep them out of new relationships. Staying out of relationships will eliminate the pain and heartache of any more breakups.

Or being fat could keep a married person from fooling around on their partner, so their marriage would stay intact and the children wouldn't have to suffer. It turns out that there are as many different benefits to being fat, as there are overweight people.

This program works by using a process called the NLP six-step reframe. Think about it. My unconscious makes me get fat to protect me from being hurt. The CD helped me negotiate with my unconscious and get it to assume the responsibility for motivating me to substitute some other behavior that is as effective and available at providing the emotional protection that I need. And the beauty is that the new behavior is more consciously acceptable to me than being fat is.

The bottom line is that this process works and my motivation to continue to do all of the things that help me to lose my appetite, and my weight has returned with a vengeance. So I was able to continue on with my regular schedule of listening to “Vaporize Your Appetite!” sessions and watching the programming sessions on the “Lose Weight In A Flash!” video.

After The Second Week: Start listening to the “Urge To Exercise!” CD. If you can get in more than one session of self-hypnosis daily, then use the “Urge To Exercise!” CD for one of those sessions. Exercise has never been a great interest of mine, but now that I was feeling more relaxed, and I was losing weight, I felt open to at least listening to this CD to see what would happen. The short version is that, as the title so aptly puts it, I did start to feel an urge to exercise. So I started a simple exercise program and found that now I actually do enjoy exercise and I even look forward to it!

Conclusion: Slim & Sexy! isn't a crash diet program. As a matter of fact, it isn't a diet program at all. It's an appetite elimination program. And, it's a motivation and self-esteem program. The program includes every session that you will need to build up your motivation, feel more relaxed and happy, and best of all, to lose your cravings, compulsions, and appetite to overeat.

If you enlist the help of any experienced hypnotherapist, you'll pay $200.00 or more for a single session. And forget the fantasy of a one session cure and get real. Hypnotherapy is just that, therapy - NOT magic. Everyone will need multiple sessions, especially when you are dealing with a long term and complex issue like weight control. And that makes the moderate fee for this all inclusive program a real bargain.

In the end I lost 42 lbs. in three months. I never felt deprived or hungry or like I had to use willpower, and I've now been able to keep the weight off for over a year.

See how you can lose weight and be Slim & Sexy!

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