The Extinctive Life

Is The Extinctive Life worth living?

CoCo Bernstein ponders this question between orgasms throughout this naughty little book by Carol Adler.

Unlike Plato and other philosophers of the past who would probably make a big deal out of a question like that, CoCo really couldn’t care less or even more if it is or it isn't.

It is simply a question that any person, male or female would ask at any age when life itself has failed to produce anything but surprises, day in and day out, especially when most of us except maybe a few diehards, end up creating our own reality.

Exctinctive Life Cover

The title of this work, The Extinctive Life, derives its origin from CoCo’s acute awareness that from the moment we let out our first cry, we begin our slippery-slope-downhill-slide towards physical extinction.

Added to this for a woman after the age of 45 with or without stretch marks, is the issue of vanity.

No longer is it easy to stroll the world’s topless beaches wearing only a G-string. Even the G-spot needs regular lube jobs.

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Statistics tell us that middle-age women are doomed to end up in a dark hole of sexual fantasies about men who never were, based on the harsh reality of men who never come, come too soon or not at all.

At some point, life goes limp or just limps along as a withered and obscure litany of could’ve-should’ve-beens.

All statistics about men tell us certain things that do not bear repeating, since they are already well known.

CoCo has no interest in statistics. Long ago she concluded that such drivel was probably created by someone who was having a hair day or who had just been dumped by her stalemate.

This is a book you will want to put down.

You will want to hide it from your children and your lovers.

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