Tiananmen Uprising – Seeds of Fire

The Tiananmen Uprising has become a symbol for man's inhumanity against man.

In 2002, Dandelion Books issued an updated version of Gordon Thomas' celebrated book about China's revolution titled Seeds of Fire: China and the Story Beyhind the Attack on America.

Thomas, one of the world's most celebrated investigative journalists, understood the dynamics behind China's rising power and 911--the event that rocked and terrorized the world.

He saw the Tiananmen uprising as a symbol for future events of even greater magnitude.

Seeds of Fire:

**Reveals the reasons for the ever-closer relationship developing between Israel’s Mossad and China’s Secret Intelligence Service, CSIS.

**Explains how those close ties enabled America’s ultra-secret plans to be stolen from Los Alamos – and give China a powerful weapon in its determination to become the new military super-power of this century.

**Explains how this latest theft culminates a number of other spectacular operations by Mossad against the United States: the stealing of the Stealth bomber blueprint; the purloining of fissionable material that enabled Israel to found its own nuclear weapons facility; and, most sensational of all, the theft of software that has enabled Israel to insert a trapdoor, a Trojan Horse, which allows it to listen-in to all the intelligence secrets of the West, and now share them with China.

**Reveals how that theft was the result of the role played by the notorious Robert Maxwell, newspaper tycoon and Israeli government asset.

**How and why Maxwell stole over $750 million from his employees’ pension fund, from the City of London, and Wall Street bankers, as well as Israeli millionaires, to facilitate his life-style and intelligence activities.

**Why a high-level decision was taken in Israel that Maxwell must be murdered – and how that killing was carried out by a Mossad-trained assassination squad.

**How until now the facts were covered up, beginning with Maxwell’s autopsy.

**Untangles how all this came about because of the way the United States, Britain and Europe mishandled the massacre of the Chinese students on Tiananmen Square, Beijing, and in other PRC cities during June 1989.

**Reveals how diplomats from the West knew the exact details of the impending massacre – but were ordered not to share the information with the students.

**Why the President’s father – then the President of the United States – refused to intervene even on the eve of the massacre – because he did not wish to disrupt the financial involvement of some six hundred American companies trading in China.

**Why the CIA now believes that an inevitable war is coming in the next 15 years between China and the United States.

**Supported by some 80 plus pages of hitherto secret documents, Seeds of Fire lays bare the stunning truth of what the future holds.

CIA Global Forecost 2012 Official document revealed in Seeds of Fire

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