Writers Authors and Dream-Weavers by Carol Adler

Writers Authors and Dream-Weavers, by Carol Adler, covers all the bases for writers of all ages at all stages of development.

In the Introduction, Adler writes:

"The Good Life starts with a dream, and if your dream is to become a successful published author, I’m here to celebrate and support you.

"As a professional ghost writer, 'book doctor,' editor and publisher, I have spent many years “weaving the dreams” of others and serving as a midwife for the birth of some of the world’s most precious 'children.'

"Writers Authors and Dream-Weavers" is a compilation of writing tips and techniques that I’m eager to share with you because I know they work.

I sincerely hope this information will encourage you to take your writing to the next level—and let me say that even for a seasoned professional writer, there’s always a 'next level.'

"May this book also motivate you to try many different types of writing in addition to those with which you are already familiar.

"Take risks. Grow wings. All types of writing are related, and learning how to write for each targeted readership is a magical way to sharpen your technique and broaden your income base.

"I encourage you, above all, to hold the vision of being a professional. Cherish your dreams.

Know that you are on the success path if you are focused on your goal, willing to listening to advice, open to accepting criticism without taking it personally, and impassioned about producing your very best written work at all times.

Writers Authors and Dream-Weavers - Table of Contents:

Falling in Love with the Muse...What Shall I Write About?....Flying First Class: Getting Started...Separating the Pros from the Cons...Be Wary Aware of What You Write & How You...Right It!...The “So What” Factor...Writing Articles...Fiction: Write Your Heart Out...Poetry & Roses (Red Ones...The Story of My Life – Memoirs Laced with Gratitude...Resumes, Media Releases & Other Necessities...What Makes the Harry Potter Books Such a Great Read?....Pointers to Learn from The Celestine Prophecy...Writing Great Juvenile Fiction...Writing & Publishing Ebooks (Online)...Publish It!...Be Your Own Best Marketer & Publicist...Are Tutorials, Book Doctors & Editors for You?

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