Angel Messages
From Sharon Kay

Throughout the ages, angel messages have served as one of our greatest sources of inspiration.

The origin of Sharon Kay’s title for her best selling book, Angel Fingerprints: A Book of Joyous Thoughts, is from Mexican American rock guitarist Carlos Santana, who said: “All of us carry a lot of pain. Healing means to be whole and sound...that’s my job...I work with we heal people.

“I believe in my heart that Angels today...what they long for the most is for us to have more compassion.

“When you do something for the Highest Good for all people, those are the fingerprints or Angel Messages that Angels leave behind.”

All who know and love Sharon as friend, mentor, teacher, mother and grandmother, are well aware that she has made it her mission to live a life devoted to serving others.

Unquestionably it is her own fingerprints as well as those of the angels that inspired this book.

In the Introduction to this new edition of Angel Fingerprints that includes many more “prints,” Sharon writes:

"Many years ago when I was told, 'The Angels are trying to talk to you, but you don’t listen,' I said, 'I don’t hear anything!'

"The young man I was talking to suggested, 'Ask Them to turn up the volume.' I began asking, and They did TURN UP THE VOLUME, for I could finally hear them."

“While compiling this book, I was pet-sitting with five golden retrievers in Santa Monica.

"Their ‘parents,’my friends, Sanae and Eric Lechasseur were vacationing in Hawaii.

"Their beautiful bamboo gardens are filled with small round pebbles. I collected 212 stones (because I thought I had 212 messages).

"I connected with each stone, asking each of them to help me.

"My friend, Janice Smith and I wrote the numbers 1 through 212 on the rocks, one by one, and placed them in a beautiful hand-built pottery bowl made by Sanae.

"We had so many stones, they spilled over onto the picnic table.

"I picked out a rock and read the number to Janice as she recorded the number next to the first “angel fingerprint message.”

"We continued until all the rocks were chosen.

"As we sorted the angel messages by number we realized to our amazement that we had many repeated numbers and other numbers were missing.

"We laughed, remembering how difficult it had been to read the penciled numbers on some of the darker rocks.

"The Angels delighted with us. They love it when we laugh.

Perhaps in this new edition of ANGEL FINGERPRINTS you will hear the 'voices' of The Angels and your other Spirit Guides speaking directly to you. They want to help us if we would only ASK."

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