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Spiritual Growth begins with a wake-up call. Dandelion's authors are experienced teachers, healers, therapists and counselors who have devoted their lives to helping people answer that call.

Included in our catalog are the following titles:

Living with Soul: An Old Soul’s Guide to Life, the Universe and Everything, Vol. I, by Tony Stubbs… Who are we? Where did we come from? Why are we here? Master teacher and sage Tony Stubbs urges us to “go to the Source… look in the mirror.” In the first of a two-volume compendium of comprehensive spiritual teachings, Stubbs expertly documents his lessons and observations with excellent anecdotes, charts and other graphics. (ISBN 1-893302-85-7) $27.95 + S & H

Living with Soul: An Old Soul’s Guide to Life, the Universe and Everything, Vol. II, by Tony Stubbs… Learn how to work with energy and make it work for you by discovering your own energy patterns or bio-rhythms. Explore reincarnation, death, grief, near-death experiences, life on the “other side” and many other multi-dimensional experiences. Also learn more about the coming U.S. disclosures concerning extraterrestrials, UFOs and many over-ups that may have “Earth-shattering” repercussions for those who until now have been unwilling to accept that “we are not alone.” (ISBN 1-893302-86-5) - $27.95 + S & H

Unveil the Past: Heal the Future through Hypnotherapy, by Doris Small Proiette, DCH, Ph.D…. Amazing stories from Dr. Proiette’s clinical records about the healing power of past life regression that reaffirms the power of the mind and the ability for every human being to release themselves from unwanted feelings and belief systems. Dr. Proiette’s books supports statistics that show Hypnotherapy as the leading technology for helping people heal their issues of dis-ease and dysfunction. (ISBN 1-893302-96-2) - $19.95 + S&H

Portals to Higher Consciousness: Exploring the Spiritual Domain, by Norman D. Livergood… What is the process that serious students use to actually realize—bring to manifestation—their Higher Consciousness, “through which they are able to contact Reality in a region of pure Truth.” If you’re interested in investigating higher consciousness, put on your hiking clothes and join this spiritual expedition (1-893302-92X) $29.95 + S & H

Creation and Metempsychosis (The Evolution of the Soul): An Introduction to the “Psychological Key of Man,”edited and compiled by Q. Dean Sloan… A compilation of theosophical metaphysics that provides the technical metaphysical rationale for Creation itself, as well as Creation of the human soul (“crown chakra”) and is based on the psychology of the 7 rays. “The ‘petals’ in the crown chakra unfold slowly over a long series of lives, and we achieve perfection only when they have completely unfolded.” (ISBN 1-893302-90-3) $36.95 + S & H

The Perennial Tradition: Overview Of The Secret Heritage, The Single Stream Of Initiatory Teaching Flowing Through All The Great Schools Of Mysticism, by Norman D. Livergood… Like America, Awake, this book is another wake-up call. “It was written to assist readers to awaken to the Higher Spiritual World.” In addition to providing a history of the Western tradition of the Perennial Tradition, Livergood also describes the process that serious students use to actually realize--bring to manifestation--their Higher Consciousness. “Unless we become aware of this higher state, we face the prospect of a basically useless physical existence and a future life--following physical death--of unpleasant, perhaps anguished reformation of our essence.” (ISBN 1-893302-48-2) - $21.95 + S & H

Progressive Awareness: Critical Thinking, Self-Awareness & Critical Consciousness, by Norman D. Livergood… how to avoid being manipulated by our emotions and ideas and how to start thinking for ourselves; increase your skills for understanding, critical thinking, self-awareness, critical consciousness, and enlightened discernment. (ISBN 1-893302-80-6) - $19.95 + S & H

My Name is Esther Clara, by Laurel Johnson… Esther Clara’s lifetime spanned two world wars and the inventions of electricity, telephones, automobiles, airplanes, radio, TV, computers and many other conveniences that have become basic necessities of modern American life. An authentic first-hand account of 20th Century rural America audio and videotaped before her death and adeptly reconstituted by master storyteller and book reviewer, Laurel Johnson. (ISBN 1-893302-89-X) – $16.95 + S & H

The Making Of A Master: Tracking Your Self-Worth, by Jeanette O’Donnal… A simple tracking method for self-improvement that takes the mystery out of defining your goals, making a road map and tracking your progress. A book rich with nuggets of wisdom couched in anecdotes and instructive dialogues. (ISBN 1-893302-36-9) - $14.95 + S & H

The Feathered Serpent Speaks: Return to a Life of Happiness, by Jeanette O’Donnal… “Loss of happiness appears to be a worldwide epidemic… we all need an awakening…. A full sovereign can remove his enslavement to stress and unhappiness. He can also overcome the illusion of death as Kukulkahn, the Feathered Serpent god of the Mayas demonstrated when he lived in physical form upon the planet.” An in-depth autobiographical account of an American woman’s spiritual journey back to the symbols and images of her Mayan childhood in Guatemala in order to discover the ancient secrets of immortality and eternal happiness. (ISBN 978-1-934280-75-1) 21.00 + S & H

Morning Musings by Melinda, by Melinda Vail…. Gifted intuitive and healer Melinda Vail shares some of her teachings as well as her own journal entries in a daybook embellished by original photographs by Robert Sharpe. Writes Melinda Vail in the Foreword: “Some people have heart break that others cannot even imagine… have gone through things that you might think only happens in the movies… have had more challenges in one lifetime that amaze me that they are still standing... I have shared time with people like this that make their lives a tribute to grace and style under pressure, an example of faith and dignity, a testament to unwavering love of what's important. It is such an honor to me to be in the presence of these people.” (ISBN 978-0-9910915-8-4) $US27.95, $CAN31.50


If You Could See Inside of Me, by Melinda Vail... “I have written this book as a labor of love for all kids who have ever suffered at the hands of a bully. As a parent I have witnessed bullying first-hand and now as a grandparent my six-year-old grandchild and his friends are wrestling with an older child who is calling them names and throwing sand at them. We have to teach our children to be better, to do better, and to accept diversity if we ever want to get out of the cycle of violence that is present in society today. I hope this little book might help a child with a different perspective and I pray that someday we can all be “as one” as a human race. (ISBN 978-0-9862683-8-0) $US7.00 $CAN9.50

Let Go of the Rock! A New Look at the Dynamics of Self-Management, by Beth Wonson… A 21st Century Look at Self-Management from an Expert Life Coach & Business Consultant... Using her own life lessons and those of her clients as examples, Executive Coach, Certified Equus Coach and Businesss Consultant Beth Wonson identifies 9 everyday ROCKS that hold people back from experiencing peak performance and ultimate joy in all areas of their life. Beth carefully examines each of these ROCKS and shows you how to dig them up and heave them out of your life—or simply make them dissolve, using the alchemy of your own powerful inner guidance. This is an excellent guidebook for managing your personal and family life or leading any size team in business, academia and other professional arenas. (ISBN 978-0-9862683-6-6) $US22.95, $CAN29.00 + S&H

Angel on My Doorstep: An Ordinary Woman’s Journey With Those from The Other Side, by Susan Parker... A heartwarming account of author Susan Parker’s final days with her husband, Cort’s, before he passed over to The Other Side. “Bedridden… drifting in and out of sleep,” writes Susan, “Cort told me in a moment of clarity that I needed to write this book, ‘to make it easier for the next guy.’ “The last weeks of Cort’s life were filled with one spiritual adventure after another as we each walked with those on ‘the other side’ of the veil.” (ISBN 978-0-9910915-0-8) $US15.95 /CAN$16.50 + S & H

Answer the Bell, by Paul Vaden… A first-hand account of Vaden’s meteoric rise from the streets of San Diego and the Jackie Robinson YMCA to Las Vegas’s MGM Grand Hotel & Casino and the memorable 1995 Pettway-Vaden match when Vaden captured the world championship middleweight title with a TKO in the 12th round.  For Vaden, boxing was also an opportunity to learn that “winning” may be more than merely capturing a belt or trophy. In true fighter spirit, Vaden has taken all the skill sets learned in the boxing ring and adapted them to serve as motivational tools for becoming a Champion of Life. (ISBN 978-0-9860145-8-1) $US19.50, $CAN19.50 + S & H

Angel Fingerprints: The Book of Joyous Thoughts, by Sharon Kay... A joyful collection of inspirational messages that will enrich and enlighten your life whenever you are in need of a little “juice.” Like a cool breeze on a hot summer day, your soul, mind and spirit are refreshed. Used as an oracle, you just close your eyes, ask a question and open the book for the answer. Expect and enjoy a magical answer. (ISBN 978-1-934280-82-9) $12.95 + S & H

Death is Only a Word, by Tony Stubbs... With people constantly crossing over and crossing themselves over in ever-increasing numbers, there’s no shortage of raw material for a blog about the subject, and I’m having a blast posting my comments on people’s ingenuity in finding ways to leave the physical body.” (ISBN 978-1-934280-77-5) $25.00 + S&H

Death without Fear: Comfort for Those Facing Death or Bereavement, by Tony Stubbs… Forget the Grim Reaper; open up to the wildest ride of your life as you cross the final frontier. Hear first-hand accounts, told through mediums, of what it’s like to die, what the afterlife is like, and what people do on the other side. Contrary to what organized religion tells us, you are whole, youthful, eternal and very playful, not somber and serious. (ISBN 978-0-9789611-6-9) $20.00 + S&H


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