A Cult Mind Control Assassin, Prostitute & Human Guinea Pig for Satanic Rituals Tells All

Former cult mind control victim, Kathleen Sullivan states in her book, Unshackled: A Survivor's Story of Mind Control: “Dad wasn’t a murderer; he did the world a favor by taking out the trash.”

Kathleen Sullivan was once an assassin, prostitute and human guinea pig for satanic rituals and “experiments.” A victim of cult mind control from childhood, until recently, when vivid flashbacks and nightmares started to leak the horrible truth, Sullivan had no recollection of any of these activities.

In Unshackled: A Survivor's Story of Mind Control, Sullivan delivers a first-hand account of her experiences as part of an underground criminal network that includes Intelligence personnel, military personnel, doctors and mental health professionals contracted by the military and the CIA, criminal cult leaders and members, pedophiles, pornographers, drug dealers and Nazis. 

This network included her own father, who brutalized his daughter for years and even forced her to kill her own infant child.

Sullivan was a product of three generations of inbred mind control.

“Dad couldn’t see himself as who and what he really was,” writes Sullivan. “He’d constructed an immense nearly impenetrable mental wall behind him. Behind it was the pain of his having been abused and betrayed as a child.

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“In front stood the part of Dad that had secretly operated in the criminal world. This adult part had dumped is guilt onto me, his small victim, because he was unwilling to recognize that he was a murderer and a pedophile.

“Dad had lied to himself most of all. In his fantasy world, he wasn’t a child molester; he expressed his love for children by having sex with them.

“He wasn’t a murderer; he had to ‘teach a lesson’ when he believed that adult cult members had betrayed him. He wasn’t a murderer when he slaughtered ‘disposable’ infants on altars—he’d need their life-force to survive.

“He’d tortured and sometimes killed children for being weak, with the justification that only the strong should survive. He’d raped and sometimes killed women because ‘women always get you in the end.’

“He’d killed ‘street bums’ because they were worthless and caused problems. He wasn’t a murderer; he did the world a favor by taking out the trash.”

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