Death and After Life are part of an ongoing continuum, according to Tony Stubbs

When talking about death and after life, author and world-recognized lecturer on spiritual matters,  Tony Stubbs advises: “Forget the grim reaper.”

In his latest book, Death without Fear: Comfort for Those Facing Death or Bereavement, just released by Dandelion Books, Stubbs writes: “Open up to the wildest ride of your life as you cross the final frontier.

Hear first-hand accounts, told through mediums, of what it’s like to die, what the afterlife is like, and what people do on the other side.”

In his usual light and irreverent style, Stubbs demolishes ignorance of life’s final taboo – death – by answering the questions:

  • Who were you before you were born?
  • Who are you really while you’re alive?
  • Who will you be when you die?
  • Where do you go when you die?
  • Where is the afterlife and what will you do when you get there?

death and after life

“Fluffy clouds and harps?” writes Stubbs.

“No, on the other side, you learn, grow, play and enjoy freedoms and love you can’t begin to imagine on this side.

"Contrary to what organized religion tells us, you are whole, youthful, eternal and very playful, not somber and serious.

“Ignorance about the afterlife leads to fear. This book dispels both – a “must-read” for anyone in a physical body who will one day face death, whether yours or that of a loved one.

“Because we can’t really know what happens at the moment of crossing over without experiencing it ourselves, this book includes excerpts from accounts by those who have already crossed over and are reporting back through gifted psychic mediums.

Stubbs’ other best-selling books are: 

   Living with Soul, Vol. 1

   Living with Soul - Vol. II

    It's All about Control: The God, Jesus and ET Coverup

    An Ascension Handbook: Material Channeled from Serapis

    Handbook For The Recently Deceased

He has ghostwritten and edited some of the world’s most popular books on spirituality, death and NDEs.

death and after life

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