Federal Court Cases Were The Late Sherman H. Skolnick's Specialty

Specializing in federal court cases, the late Sherman H. Skolnick (July 1930-May 2006), who was caricatured as "Sherlock Holmes with a spyglass" on his former website, Skolnick's Report, ferreted out corruption in the U.S. courts of law, specifically in Chicago and in the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C.

The first Skolnick book published by Dandelion Books, Ahead of the Parade: A Who's Who of Treason and High Crimes: Exclusive Details of Fraud and Corruption of the Monopoly Press, the Banks, the Bench and the Bar, and the Secret Police, was a best seller among alternative news sleuths; the “awakened crowd” of people the world over were hungry for Skolnick’s "Inside Reports."

He had an uncanny way of connecting the dots. Skolnick, with his good friend,Lenny Blooom,did a great job promoting Ahead of the Parade on Canadian radio.

Skolnick’s second book, Overthrow of the American Republic: The Writings of Sherman Skolnick, was published posthumously. Skolnick suddenly became ill in May of 2006, was rushed to the hospital, and passed away shortly after.

Overthrow of the American Republic is a collection of 81 articles, including 24 that were never published on the prolific reporter's website.

From 1958 to the time of his death, Sherman H. Skolnick was a court reformer, and from 1969 to 1993 alone, twenty judges and over forty attorneys went behind bars as a result of Skolnick’s public exposure of their crimes.

 In 1963 he founded the Citizen’s Committee to Clean Up the Courts, a public interest group researching and disclosing certain instances of judicial bribery and political murders. 

From 1995 on, he was producer/moderator of Broadsides, a one-hour weekly taped public access Chicago Cable TV Show that reached an audience of 400,000 viewers and exposed, often explosively, Skolnick's scoops on federal court cases.

Included in Overthrow of the American Republic are:

Coups and Counter-Coups • Disclosures and Financial Crisis? • Black Tuesday: The Big Lie and Dark Truth • Anthrax Frame-Up? • Is the U.S. Presidency Cursed? • FBO Sought Clamp on Bush Stories • Secret Transcripts Expose Bush • Democrats and GOP in Secret Iraq Deal • The Fake Money Business • The Pedophile/Homosexual Underground • Disasters of Convenience • U.S. Civil/Military Insurrection? • The Bush/Blair Bribery Affair • U.S./IRAQ Plots and Secret Weapons • Saddam Hussein and the Exit Money • The Judges and the Shadow Government • The Making and Breaking of Empires • Fraud upon the Court

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