What Does A Ghostwriter Do?

Dandelion's Ghostwriting Services

Following are the steps I take with my client after I sign a contract with them:

  • Set up a time to meet with them vis-à-vis to spend 4-5 full working days recording all the material for the book. 
  • Request all the supportive documents, written material, graphics and other resource items that the client may wish to include in the book; deliver these to me during my visit (or they can mail them to me shortly thereafter). 
  • Upon returning from my visit with the client, I transcribe the recorded sessions and start to organize the material into categories. 
  • At the same time, I organize the supplemental material into categories that can be integrated with the transcribed material. 
  • At that point, I can visualize the structure of the book. 
  • I set to work organizing the book chapters or divisions. 
  • I then “weave” together all of the material by moving through it categorically; sorting, discarding, making notes about areas where I need more input from the client, etc. 
  • I proceed to develop the first 50 pages of the book, which I send to the client for their input. 
  • I make the necessary adjustments and then I develop the first draft of the entire work. 
  • Upon completion (it will have been proofed several times already), I send that draft to the client.  
  • The client reviews it carefully and then we work together to make the revisions.  
  • The client sends me the revised document.  
  • I make the necessary adjustments and then return the completed second draft to the client. 
  • The client reviews the second draft and makes other adjustments and editorial changes.  
  • After receiving the second draft, I make these adjustments, carefully proofread the finished manuscript several times and make the necessary corrections, then send it to the client. At this point it is considered a finished work. 
  • If the client wishes to make more adjustments, I charge an hourly rate for these additional ghostwriting fees until we have satisfactorily completed the process.
  • The work is now ready for publication; my clients have the option of co-publishing with Dandelion Books.

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