Information Snacking...The Fastest Way To Satisfy Your Taste Buds

Information snacking, or reading on the run, is a sign of our times.

My publishing and writing business requires that I do as much information snacking as possible… and get the most from every word bite.

With potential clients’ manuscripts flowing in the door daily, the internet spitting out feeds in multiple formats… and published books bouncing into my office for reviews, ebook conversions, etc., I’d be a hefty overweight by now if I indulged in the whole enchilada every time I turned in the internet or cracked open a book!

Amazon’s Kindle

Although Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos is claiming in his most recent shareholder letter that "Laptops, BlackBerrys and mobile phones have shifted us more toward information snacking, and I would argue toward shorter attention spans, Kindle (Amazon’s new reading device) and its successors may gradually and incrementally move us over years into a world with longer spans of attention, providing a counterbalance to the recent proliferation of info-snacking tools."

Mr. Bezos: be serious.

Who would ever settle for plain vanilla anymore in an age of multiple flavors?

Anyone who reads just the New York Times or the latest best sellers is losing out on some of the greatest feasts available.

How about alternative news websites such as, for example, or specialty websites such as George Green's (the latest on my list of DO NOT PASS UP gourmet treats)?

By far, Kindle is the latest and greatest snacking device on the marketplace.

So... how's my digestion doing?

How about information snacking with multiple books—200+--on one reading device that you can carry with you on your daily commute (and wirelessly add or subtract more while waiting for your doctor’s appointment?) Plus the ability to download daily feeds from newspapers blogs, etc.

Transform Your Snacking To 24/7 Grazing

Do you ever wish you could take a break from a rich entrée—a book with need-to-know information—just to read a couple poems or a few passages from one of your favorite blogs?

It’s time to get smart and carry your entire library and newsstand of tens of thousands of books, magazines, newspapers, etc. with you in your purse or briefcase. Eat small meals several times daily and you’ll be amazed satisfied your brain will feel.

Kindle lets you do this with ease.

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