Middle East Issues - A Deadly Global Virus

Middle East issues can no longer be considered an “isolated virus” that can be contained or controlled.

"The Bush administration, driven by the twin horses of the Apocalypse, the Evangelical Christian Zionists and Neo-Con Zealots, pulls America ever closer to the brink of disaster by wielding whips of righteous prophecy and self-serving lies,” writes Dr. William A. Cook in his new book just released by Dandelion Books, Tracking Deception: Bush Mid-East Policy.

“The life-blood of Democracy is truth, and Bush has murdered truth!” 


"Tracking Deception: Bush and the Middle East, by William A. Cook is a "compelling indictment of the Bush-sponsored New World Order of endless Wars against Arabs/Moslems, relentlessly promoted by a nauseating campaign of deceit and lies at the highest levels of the US Administration," states popular peace activist Anthony Joseph Geha Yuja.

"By rights this book's cover should show Bill Cook, triumphant on the flight deck of Truth, with a big sign behind him saying Mission Accomplished.

"He nails Bush's lethal Middle East rampages fair and square," writes Alexander Cockburn, co-editor of Counterpunch. 


“How ironic that the self-proclaimed righteous, the born again Christian Zionists and the Jewish Zionists wheedle their way into their respective governments, preaching the Devil's agenda, using superstition, deception and hypocrisy.

"In the process they destroy the true and permanent tenets of Christianity and the founding principles of Democracy."

“Savor Cook’s essays,” urges Jeffrey St. Clair, co-editor of Counterpunch, in the Introduction. “They are a fortifying antidote to the palsy of paranoia and panic that has shaken the republic under the grip of the new imperialists.

At this point reading them is risk free. Acting on them, natch, may be another matter entirely.

But after you lay this volume down I suspect that you’ll feel that you have no choice.”


“Bill Cook offers elegant prose and literary references to his penetrating insights into the key issues of our time.

"Dante and John Ciardi help the reader understand the criminal minds of Bush and Sharon that will lead readers to act and read more," writes Saul Landau, Director of Digital Media & International Outreach Program, College of LSA & SS, California Polytechnic University.


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