Naked in Daylight
 Poems by
Carol Adler

Naked in Daylight is Carol Adler’s sixth book of published poetry.

It is a symphony in eight movements:

  •     Proximity of Perception

  •     The Mastery of Love

  •     Tea at the Everglades Bath & Tennis Club

  •     Weathering

  •     Leaving

  •     Thank-You

  •     One-Letter Word

  • Although Adler experiments with different styles in each of these movements, throughout the entire work the underlying theme is consistent: unless we get naked to ourselves and (figuratively) to all others, how can we ever begin to know what we and life are all about?

    In both her poetry and fiction, Adler is a risk-taker. Each twisted turn leads to yet another one and often at the end, the drop-off seems to lead nowhere except back to the beginning.

    "Let these poems sink into the ethers of your subconscious," advises Adler, "and if they're not obvious, don't try to figure out what they mean!"

    Carol, your poems are magnificent. They are most thought-provoking and require time to read. Your life experiences provide insights and wisdom that is the property of very few people.
        --John H. Brand, D.Min., J.D., Author

    The Most Profound of All Messages

    From "De Profundis" of James Wright, which has been taken, in turn from the German of Georg Trakl.

    A cobblestone square, placard gleaming in the dusk.
    A shul here once, Jews chanting, "Yisgodol."
    A marketplace, now only the words, “Judenplatz.”
    The wind is chilly in this open space.

    On either side, shops for hardware, gloves
    handkerchiefs. Owners whose ignorance
    keeps them safe.

    Coming upon this spot,
    a young woman is suddenly overwhelmed
    by the sound of voices.

    A bearded man, prayer book in hand
    approaches and invites her in.
    The wind whips through the wire fence.

    Her heart begins to hammer.
    With his diamond-studded cane, the man
    lifts her skirt, fondles her.

    When she awakens, she is naked. Blood
    streams from her mouth. A yellow badge
    is dangling from her vagina.
    Bells from the cathedral, voices
    chanting the Mass.

        --Excerpt from Naked in Daylight, by Carol Adler

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