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Joy-and-Abundance, An Everyday Guide

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Mme-Marie-de-Tocqueville - The Wife of Alexis de Tocqueville

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Sharon Kay - Adler's Information Packed Primer

Sharon Kay – Adler’s Information Packed Primer

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The Extinctive Life

The Extinctive Life by Carol Adler

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Vaccine Alert

Vaccine Alert From Walene James

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Plato Revisited

Plato Revisited - The New Commonwealth

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Your Story

Your story - Do You Really Need To Write A Book?

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President Of The World

President Of The World by Norman D. Livergood

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Palm Springs Presentation

Palm Springs Presenation - Carol Adler

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Mayan Wisdom

Mayan Wisdom Keeper - Jeanette O'Donnal

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Angel Messages

Angel Messages from Sharon Kay

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A Dandelion Story

A Dandelion Story of a Child of God

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Family Fortunes

Family Fortunes by Michelle Mairesse

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Coronary Care - Coming of Age

Coronary Care - Coming of Age

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Angel Fingerprints, By Sharon Kay

Angel Fingerprints, by Sharon Kay

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Why Kindle? What's so great about it?

Why Kindle, a successful business woman asked me the other day.

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Suicide & Homicide

Suicide & Homicide - Twin Partners in Crime

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Mayan Mysteries

Mayan Mysteries Explained - The Feathered Serpent Speaks

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