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As a trustworthy online publishing resource, Dandelion is at your service for writing, ghostwriting, editing, publishing, promoting & marketing books & articles.

Your writing and publishing success is our business… and we take our business seriously.

Whether you are looking for a writing coach, ghost writer or just general writing help, our sister company offers a full menu of options to support your writing and publishing needs.

online publishing resource

Possibly you’ve written a book and you're looking for a good online publishing resource because you want to self-publish it; or maybe you're considering a co-publishing arrangement. A good online publishing resource will give you state-of-the-art information about marketing it.

After years of research, we’ve finally found a marketing solution that is low cost, user friendly and gets the job done by showing you how to build and monetize your own website… and become your own book marketing expert!

Above all, Dandelion is always concerned about producing quality work.

After you have completed your manuscript or article, invest the time and money to get professional opinions. 

Make sure your work is expertly edited and proofed.

You deserve the best; you're proud of your work and want to cultivate the largest readership possible.

We're here to help you make it happen!

online publishing resource

How To Publish & Market a Book Without Jumping Off a Cliff, by Carol Adler

From Carol Adler: "If you want to see your book in print during your lifetime, I suggest that instead of jumping off a cliff, you take a flying leap off the bandwagon of mainstream publishing and instead of building wings, build a website and customized marketing plan.

"Create a landing pad in virtual space. I’ll show you how!"

Download a FREE EXCERPT of How To Publish & Market a Book Without Jumping Off a Cliff

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