How to Publish & Market a Book Without Jumping Off a Cliff,
by Carol Adler, MFA

Along with excellent, easy to read information, Carol Adler provides hope for what often seems to be a hopeless dream for writers.

Regardless of genre, your work can be published if you do your homework and follow certain guidelines.

Some of the best books ever written were originally self-published and/or rejected by traditional publishers in the past.

But that doesn’t have to happen to you.

The electronic age is here.

eBooks are gaining popularity, thanks to eBook readers.

You have more options now than writers ever had in the past.

This exceptional book covers all the information you need to find success as a writer.

Highly recommended.

     --Laurel Johnson for Midwest Book Review


Enjoy an Excerpt of How to Publish & Market a Book


In today’s fast-paced high tech world, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain.

Add to that the fact that the publishing industry has completely changed over the past 15 years.

Technology has replaced a good portion of the former publishing paradigm.

How does an author, unless they are high tech, find their way around?

Being one of those authors who is not high tech, I found Adler’s book to be a godsend.

It lays a clear path through the bewildering array of possible and probable technology, programs, offers and opportunities available to us.

Adler quotes Ron Pramschufer from his “Publishing Basics” newsletter, where he delineates an important distinction: “writing is a love, publishing is a business.”

If you really want your book to succeed today, for most of us it means stepping beyond our love to do business.

Adler has provided a bible on how to do so, complete with pitfalls to beware of and opportunities to nab.

After gobbling up How to Publish & Market a Book Without Jumping Off a Cliff, I felt able to step through the usual haze of confusion induced by technology and say, “Thank you. I believe I can do this now.”

--Solara Vayanian, author, Time Out of Mind and The Stars  Gave Passion


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