Take Your Writing Passion to the Next Level and Start Publishing Books Online!

We are a 17-year-old company that dared to dream about publishing books online several years before it was actually possible.

publishing books online

Our goal was to set up a seamless production and delivery process for editing, designing, printing, marketing, promoting and selling books online.

We envisioned customers ordering their books from us and having them drop-shopped on their doorstep a few days later.

All of this soon became possible through “on demand” technologies, but one piece was still missing.

The public had to have a way of finding us.

Today, thanks to SiteSell!, & SiteBuildIt! that final piece is in place.

Authors who publish with Dandelion Books are introduced to this extraordinary internet marketing package that already has a track record for selling products and services and building successful businesses.

You can do what you love most—write—and then use your writing skills to create your own loyal community of readers and book buyers.

We will show you how to write, publish, market and promote your books... your way.

publishing books online

Carol Adler, President/CEO, Dandelion Books


All Dandelion titles are available through Amazon.com & other online & brick & mortar bookstores.

We publish non-fiction and fiction books both as hard copy and ebooks. Authors can choose to have their books formatted for the new Amazon Kindle Reader Device.

Writers, Authors & Dream-Weavers: I Heard Your Call For Help!
by Carol Adler

Writers, Authors & Dream-Weavers: I Heard Your Call For Help!How to Write Non-Fiction, Fiction, Poetry, Memoirs, Children’s Stories...and More, by Carol Adler, MFA

Writing tips and techniques from an experienced professional writer, editor and publisher who is determined to help you succeed!

Chockful of great information, this book is for newbies as well as five-star professionals. Includes special chapters on fiction and poetry analysis of works by top-selling authors.

Falling in Love with the Muse...What Shall I Write About?....Flying First Class: Getting Started...Separating the Pros from the Cons...Be Wary Aware of What You Write & How You...Right It!...The “So What” Factor...Writing Articles...Fiction: Write Your Heart Out...Poetry & Roses (Red Ones...The Story of My Life – Memoirs Laced with Gratitude...Resumes, Media Releases & Other Necessities...What Makes the Harry Potter Books Such a Great Read?....Pointers to Learn from The Celestine Prophecy...Writing Great Juvenile Fiction...Writing & Publishing Ebooks (Online)...Publish It!...Be Your Own Best Marketer & Publicist...Are Tutorials, Book Doctors & Editors for You?

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