Slouching Past Bethlehem Review

Slouching Past Bethlehem, by Carol Adler is "one of the Best Rides in the Park," writes Becky Reed.

This is a romantic thriller with a most uniquely unexpected slide into the realm of science fiction.

We women who have sought "Mr. Right" via match services and synchronicity will allow our unbridled fantasies a grand romp in Carol Adler's Slouching Toward Bethlehem.

With humor and the awareness of serious issues facing our world, this bright author gives voice to so many women who seek "something more" than a high powered career, depth of intellect, enlightened educational degrees, and and a host of brief physical encounters.

The heroine's body signals the ticking of time, and with that we blast into the adventure, excitement, delirious lust, and an imagined "what if" from this talented writer who acknowledges the spectrum of desires found within thinking women.

The famous Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus, takes a naughty nudge in the drama between the sexes and seeking that "other" who makes our lives whole.

Our heroine from Earth and her ideal, complimentary mate from "afar" find choices and sensuality thrown onto the playing field of politics, bioengineering, personal ethics, and consequences.

A colorful assortment of characters with delightfully and appropriately descriptive names come to 3-D life as backdrops to the theme of living life fully by taking on the challenge of options. Savoring the fast pace and virtual reality feel is one of the best rides in the park!

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