Q. Dean Sloan Bases His Spirituality Studies On Disclosure Of ‘Current Bogus Theology’

Spirituality studies must begin with statements of truth; no one can refute that.

Yet what exactly is that truth? For Dandelion author, Australian scholar and metaphysician, Q. Dean Sloan, it is clear that the “dogma of one life to live is bogus theology.”

In his book, Creation and Metempsychosis (Evolution of the Soul): An Introduction to the "Psychological Key of Man", , Sloan states that "evolution of the soul is a slow process.

“The ‘petals’ in the crown chakra unfold over a long series of lives, and we achieve perfection only when they have completely unfolded.”

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Creation and Metempsychosis (Evolution of the Soul): An Introduction to the "Psychological Key of Man" is a compilation of theosophical metaphysics that provides the technical metaphysical rationale for Creation itself.

Writes Sloan: “The majority of people are unaware of the underlying metaphysics that are the foundation of all religions.

"The Catholic See in Rome, with its superficial pontification, is responsible for much of the erroneous, theological dogma that has kept the major religions from uniting and making progress. 

“The inculcation of exoteric (literal) theological doctrines upon Christians and Catholics over the centuries has prevented them from realizing that the dogma of one life to live with an only begotten Son/world-savior who will release them from their karmic obligations, is bogus theology.”

An impeccable scholar of spirituality studies, Sloan is also a mystic: “On April 13, 1974, at the age of 35, I experienced the natural rising of the kundalini (the Sanskrit word for energy that lies dormant in the ‘chakra’ at the base of the spine) that led to clairaudience of the 5th dimension and the essence of the Biblical statement ‘in Him we live and move and have our being.’

I had instant recognition and memory of having already experienced this prior to this lifetime… an expansion of consciousness occurred that enabled me to understand or comprehend many things that I couldn’t before.

“After about an hour, it began to subside and about six hours later, I could still hear the ‘OM’ and feel the divine energy of the 5th dimension. At that time I had never heard of kundalini or the Cosmic Logos (in this lifetime that is).”

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