Suicide & Homicide
Twin Partners in Crime

Suicide is challenging enough for survivors to deal with.

Add homicide to the mix—when a man or woman kills their beloved and then pulls the trigger on themselves—and predictably the resulting levels of grief, confusion, remorse and despair will be off the Richter scale.

Judge Me Not - Eunice and Bob Rich

So it was for Eunice and Bob Rich.

Life had been good to them. Blessed with four healthy chidren, even though they’d encountered the usual ups and downs, their life was relatively “normal...” until that day when Sam, their eldest son and father of three young children, shot his wife, then pulled the trigger on himself.

The family was devastated, and for Eunice and Bob, “Judge me not” suddenly took on triple meaning.

How could they not judge—and blame—themselves, the parties involved, and life in general?

Instead, author Eunice Rich faced the event head-on, dug deeper into her psyche and discovered that nothing is as it seems.

Judge Me Not - Book Cover

In fact, what often seems tragic is merely a natural occurrence whose time had come.

Just as the Old Testament prophet Job cried out, Eunice sobbed: What had they done wrong—and why them? Why hadn’t this terrible thing happened to someone else?

The answers Eunice received were hardly what she had expected.

As she describes her journey away from grief and into the “light,” she tells of the many spirit guides and teachers who come to help her.

Judge Me Not takes a look at suicide as well as homicide from a perspective that transcends logic, denial and other forms of psycho-babble that often try to lessen the pain.

In other words, everything is in divine order after all.

As she grapples with her pain and tries to comprehend what really happened, every aspect of her life begins to takes on a deeper and more profound meaning.

“I am so eager to share these spiritual teachings,” writes Eunice. “I know they can help others just as they have helped me understand the joy that is always there for us to embrace, even when it seems to be gone forever.

My guides from The Other Side have taken me to a new level of Being.”

                      Judge Me Not - Excerpt

"Eunice, this is an amazing story. Your openness and willingness to share your story with the rest of the world serve as a profound and meaningful memory of your son and his wife.”
    —Steve Rother, Spokesman for The Group

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