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"Do You Really Need To Write A Book?”

“If you ask any professional on the career track," writes Carol Adler in her new book, Do You Really Need To Write A Book? "they’ll be quick to tell you that having a published book is essential.

"If you give workshops and seminars, in addition to providing a product for back of the room sales, a book serves as a glorified business card.

"It is part of your Professional Package, your Promotional Tool Kit.”

Do You Really Need To Write A Book? Tips & Techniques For Writing, Publishing, Marketing & Promoting YOUR BOOK! is Adler’s third book on writing. It is the first of the three books that is available in hard copy as well as ebook.

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"The multi-talented Carol Adler, President of Dandelion Books, is so highly respected, gifted and knowledgeable that when I put a manuscript in her hands I know it will come back in ready to go condition… I can confidently trust that my work (to the word!) will be perfectly turned out and polished to a very high standard.

And that leaves me free to create the content I am purposeful and passionate about."

                             —Patricia Chamberlin,SuccessKey Publications


"When it comes to book doctoring and editing, Carol Adler is that rare breed of technician and artist.

She has the uncanny ability to get inside the author’s own thoughts and feelings, pull out what is essential, and convert what is (often!) grammatical gibberish into powerful prose that refl ects the author’s unique individuality.

I heartily recommend her for projects large and small, and tomes of all subject matter. Carol’s awesome!"

     —Stephen Banick, MBA, Founder, The Gulliver Project, Inc.,
    Author, Speaker, Catalyst


"Carol Adler is a renaissance woman with her mind focused on business and her fingers on the world’s pulse."

—Laurel Johnson, Author, The Alley of Wishes, My Name is Esther Clara, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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